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    New Icontrolpad Pictures

    Is it plausible to release a bluetooth module that the ICP cord plugs into? The wiimote is a decent NES controller for NESoid on my Nexus One over BT, and jailbroken iPads support this scheme as well. All that's lacking are the proper controls of the Insane Clown Posse ICP.
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    Pandora + Sand :o

    The Pandora is like ED's baby. If it dies, he'll make another.
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    Bye Everyone

    Genius as always Grubot. Defiance is pointless.
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    Coders, Good Work So Far But One Tiny Request..

    To address the broken downloads, can't we use simple checksums? Just post it beside the download or even within the PND with an internal checking system. Also, I'm curious now - I thought PNDs incorporated some form of compression, but with all the zipping talk I must be wrong.
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    Programs From The Ångström Repo

    That's what I was thinking. No space concerns, regular package management, the other SD for media storage, no NAND wear concerns, easy image duplication to another SD, plus how else can you keep an OS on your keychain? I did it this way with the N800 and I'd always imagined that's how we'll do...
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    Talks From A Assembly Company.

    Wait, so we can bet on it?
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    Talks From A Assembly Company.

    Well, my uncle's friend went on the internet and watched a movie and some TV (which he does for a living) and he said some guys said that the world is going to end in 2012. So at least I'll have a year of playing Pandora Panic until it becomes painfully ironic.
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    Pandora Wi-Fi On 350kilobytes/s

    Wonder if this changes the power draw numbers we saw earlier (dongle vs. internal) Also, divert all power from Thrusters to WiFi. Make it so, Number One.
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    Angry Post

    For such a long-time supporter and poster, I'm stunned. No delivery date was ever promised, just hoped for. No one on the team claimed to be an expert in the area of production and delivery. They're learning as they go and being very forthcoming. In my eyes, this whole project is an...
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    Moving Pnd Files On Sd Cards

    I think we're having trouble because it just seems simple ... TOO simple. Can't we install things in obscure paths and dump registry entries and files all over the drive like in the olden days?
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    I Am Not Canceling

    Canceling would feel like stealing to me - I've already gotten my money's worth from the anticipation, dreams, and forum browsing. Additionally, I wish I could order everything months in advance - when it arrives, it's going to feel like it was free!
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    Sent From My Pandora

    What else did you think the 'bot' part of Grubot was referring to? You know his avatar is a photo, right?
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    Movie "shorts" Has Pandora Logo

    The borg don't steal, they assimilate. On an equally useful topic, is there any movement to shut the forums down for April 1st? My heart can't take too many "PANDORA SHIPS TOMORROW!" threads.
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    Movie "shorts" Has Pandora Logo

    Man, that is definitely a logo. Spooky. Also, strange that a kid's show features a logo for the Dick Box.
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    This grievous offence can only be recompensed by moving me ahead in the queue. Or ending Gung Ho Fat Choy early. Or both.
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    I The Red Baron

    I didn't expect that --^
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    Here Is What Will Be Happening.

    Once the pics and videos are up, is it insane to ask the first 500 or so if they want to wait on revisions and then move willing people up in the queue? Man, I wish I was this well-informed on everything I bought that was made in China.
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    Marketing Slogans

    "Do you dare?"
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    Damn, This Is Gonna Be Close!

    +1 to torpor getting one quickly - music creation apps, please!
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    Appstore.. Really?

    I take any and all credit for "The Box" and all benefits thereunto pertaining. In recompense I shall receive: 1 (one) Pandora 2 weeks before regular shipping and signed by all designers, and .000001% revenue from all sales at aforementioned The Box. Signed The Honorable Dave Schroeter, esq.