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    GCW Zero's for sale, Australian stock available

    Hi everyone, as my Google site vanished I just got around to making a Blog version of it updated a tiny bit with a lower price, now $170 posted Australia wide (cheaper in person)
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    1st batch Pandora in Australia, anyone want it? best offer..

    considering selling my Pandora first batch black unit, brittle battery case back held together by packing tape, wonder what the market will bear as is or worth upgrading it to 1ghz first? have all the accessories that came with it still, unit located in Australia, so would prefer a local buyer...
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    Aussies Only please, still looking for a Zero? UPDATED LINKS as I relisted them, running out at last I worked out how to list multiples at last but surgery &...
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    GCW Zero's brand new in stock in Sydney Australia black or white

    feel free to contact me directly or purchase through Ebay if that makes you more comfortable, pickup available if local or postage Australia wide included in the asking price, please enquire for international shipping.. all units sold are button tested by me prior to shipping out.. $170 AUD...
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    possible to trade up to reserve a Pyra?

    as above, I have a spare Pandora original black (also have a 1ghz but keeping that one, as well as about 40 GCW ZERO's from my original order, ( I will never see the rest) what would it take for me to upgrade to a Pyra?
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    Hi everyone, I'm taking a bit of a risk ::GCW ZERO:: Ebay Clear out! cheap.. help me get a Pyra :-D

    ::only once as I will likely get burnt pretty badly, but, curious enough to give it a go:: (also I hope this doesn't step on ED's toes, it's really just for Australians.. if so sorry ED feel free to remove..) I've just listed on Ebay Australia a brand new GCW ZERO (buyer chooses colour)...