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    Release Mupen64Plus 2.2

    Is the source code available for these releases?  I couldn't find a link anywhere.
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    Release Mupen64Plus 2.2

    It should scale to 640x480 not 800x480 as N64 games were in 4:3 aspect ratio.  The pandora screen has a 5:3 aspect ratio so to make a N64 game fill the screen it would be stretched and wrong.
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    Should the Codec Pack be on the repo?

    One question I have about the codec pack is what programs in the repo actually use it?  I haven't installed the codec pack in ages and wonder if it is obsolete.
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    Release PicoDrive revival (1.9x)

    This is great!  Looking forward to trying this out. I noticed a problem when trying to clone your git repo.  It looks like you might have forgot to push some changes in the cpu/cyclone submodule. Unable to checkout '590d780f20871b29fdc803bd2c74b046fd2d0f28' in submodule path 'cpu/cyclone'
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    Crop videos to 16:9 / 16:10

    The zoom function is not implemented in the omapfb driver which SMPlayer2 uses. However it is still possible to achieve what you want by adding using a crop filter. Under Options -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Options for MPlayer: Under Video filters: put crop=<insert your values here> From...
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    My pandora currently has LCD cable issues and my development laptop screen backlight recently failed, so I am passing on this in case it is useful to someone. git clone --recursive git:// This repository has 3 scripts to cross compile minitube, phonon-mplayer...
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    Could you share the changes you made to allow minitube to compile with the stock QT in the firmware? I did some work a while ago on this but never released it where I built a version of minitube using a modified version of phonon-mplayer so it would work using mplayer2 embedded in the app.  It...
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    Release VLC 2.0.5

    I know playing DVDs from a USB drive is possible with SMPlayer2 on the Pandora, but if its not working, please let me know.
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    DraStic Nintendo DS emulator teaser video

    Wow, really impressive work! In another thread I believe you mentioned picking up the new Samsung ARM based Chromebook.  Have you tried running it there?
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    not really a console but the exynos 5250 is in the wild

    Not sure what the current state of 3D acceleration is on this device, but I am eager to know how Mupen64plus would perform.
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    Atari Lynx Emulation

    In mednafen Alt-O can be used to rotate the screen. Are you wanting to hold the pandora normally and have the game appear as a tall narrow rectangle with large black borders on the sides? I just tested a workaround by editting the...
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    Release Cannonball - The Enhanced C++ Outrun Engine

    Why -fno-inline-functions? Why would this be faster?
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    DragonBox OpenSource Coding Competition - Rules (DRAFT!)

    Using _wb_'s analogy above, I think 3) seems like a fair compromise. Closed source entries are permitted, but they can not win any prizes until the source is released.
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    Release smplayer2 / mplayer2

    Will definitely try to look at doing that soon.
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    Release smplayer2 / mplayer2

    First thing to confirm is that you are using the SMPlayer2 pnd from here and not the SMPlayer pnd which uses the much slower mplayer binary in the firmware. Your icon or menu item should be titled SMPlayer2 - NOT SMPlayer If you are still having problems after that, try deleting the smplayer2...
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    MPlayer in Slackware.

    There is nothing hidden, everything of interest is in scripts/libav-config and libav_options This python script ends up running configure with the following options(from config.log) # /home/pder/projects/pandora/mplayer2-build/libav/configure...
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    MPlayer in Slackware.

    Interesting, I wonder what's different. A couple questions: What did you end up using regarding libav, the submodule version from mplayer2-build or something else? Are you statically linking or dynamic? What gcc version are you using? I'm using: arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc (Sourcery G++...
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    Release smplayer2 / mplayer2

    Are you saying .mov files is way slower with the pnd I released, or your build? Maybe we should move discussion of the slackware build of mplayer to a different thread to avoid confusion. Also FFMpeg != libav. mplayer2 depends on libav. If you are getting bad performance, look at your...
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    Release smplayer2 / mplayer2

    git submodule update mplayer Should update only the mplayer submodule. Are you compiling libav from elsewhere? I sort of remember alsa not working as well or worse performance on the old 2.6 kernel. I'll need to revisit this.
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    Release smplayer2 / mplayer2

    Hi, Another update ( has been uploaded to the repo. Changes: - Updated to SMPlayer2 release v0.8.0 - Built against latest development mplayer2, libav, and libass code. - Fixed issue with libdvdcss library not loading - Live555 support was dropped Please see git for more...