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    Pnd Manager

    What sort of facilities would you like to see in a PND Manager GUI, Here's some things I can think of. Ability to check if you have the most recent version, and ability to update if you want it to. Deletion/Copy/Move of just PND, PND with associated configuration files, just associated...
  2. J

    Where Did You Hear About Pandora?

    Seems to be a lot of new interested people, and I'm curious in where you heard about the Pandora? What brought you here, specific emu, umpc, etc. Now your here what do you think? This is aimed mainly at newcomers, but feel free to tell me your story even if your a long time pre-orderer etc.
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    Media Reports

    Not sure if this even deserves a thread of it's own, but with the release hopefully being pretty close, I thought it might be interesting to read what the media/blogs/whatever has to say. If you come across any other reports feel free to post them here and discuss what they had to say. First...
  4. J

    Uk Tethering R?

    I'm wondering if anyone here uses their mobile phone to tether to other devices in the UK? A few of the providers offer unlimited downloads although it's actually 3 or 5MB from what I've seen and your not supposed to tether. I don't need a lot of net access so I don't want to buy a dongle. So...
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    First Batch Advice

    Sorry guys/girls I posted this in another thread but felt it needed its own, as it was off topic and got drowned out by the other conversations. The first 4000 was supposed to almost a big beta test of software, system bugs, stability, etc. It was always seen as for people who doesn't mind a...
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    Where Next

    Now that N64 which was seen to be the pinnacle of emulation on the Pand is looking good, yea not 100% but boy is it looking good so far no matter how much more optimisation is possible. DC has been made a start on. PSP being looked into. (JayFoxRox missed reading your updates, I'm going to...
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    Which Browser

    Sorry not sure if this was worthy of a new topic or not.... What will be the default browser installed? What are you looking for in your browser? Memory foot print Performance Basic browsing/All the bells and whistles Plugins Gestures And sure you could say all the above but just wondering...
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    Dirty Secret

    I realised the other day that I had this dirty secret. My brother asked me what happened to that thing I ordered last year, every now and again he remembers about it and asks me. I always hope's he doesn't. I make excuses, explain the reasons, tell him I understand being a developer just how...