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    Looking For Cheap Half Broken Gp2X

    I've been wanting to port some stuff to Maemo 'cause it sucks not having nice emulators and such on my N800 when I know its fully capable of doing so if someone would just put a little more effort into it. I know a lot more about programming than I used to, having taken some classes in college...
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    Nazca Dreams Code

    I read that the code for Nazca Dreams as well as a Windows binary were released by Nazca. His website is down so I can't download anything. Any info?
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    I've only tried this with The Original Missions, but it seems to work well, so here goes. Download the episode(s) (pc version) (see Wolfendoom web page (Download seem broken) and downloads page at AtomicGamer) Copy original.wad, original.deh, and doom2.wad to your Prboom folder. Run Prboom...
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    Search Engines Suck

    One thing I've noticed is that even the "best" search engines don't live up to their reputation. Here begins a subjective study on the usefulness of the most popular search engines. So without further ado: Prologue: Imagine you are a person who has just discovered the internet, and begins...
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    Skinning Fw 2.x

    I'm trying to make a skin for the GP2X using GPH's skin maker and I keep getting "Error! Not supported", even though all my .ini files and everything are in the right place (I think :unsure:). I can't find any good tutorials (the wiki one sucks). Also, does anybody know where those templates...
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    Do You Disable Javascript?

    I'm working on some web development stuff and you guys are the smartest people I know of (seriously...), so I want to know what you think. I know that for some JS is an abomination. Others don't care. What do you think? Of course, I believe that all sites should have graceful degradation in...
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    Wtb: Gp2x Screen Cover

    Specifically, the hard plastic kind, not the thin rubber "protector" thingy.
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    Static Linking Problems

    I need to compile the Fine Free File program for a project I'm doing. I can get it to dynamically link, but when I add -static to LDFLAGS nothing changes when I make clean && make. I can modify the makefile to get it to statically link with its own library, libmagic, but libc and libz remain...
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    Basilisk 2 Semi-update

    Replace the basiliskII file in any other version with the one in this zip. Be sure not to use any TV out options in the config file, these are not supported. Also there is no MMU hack. What's New: Mouse Acceleration (increases as you move, decreases as you don't, also wraps around screen like...
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    Ext Port Power Chargers/adaptors

    The EXT port connector is a very specialized connector. It is custom to the GP2X. It contains several interfaces (for example USB and TV), but there are no power input pins (there are however power output pins for USB). The EXT port connectors on other devices are also specialized, and more...
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    Apple Tv

    I'm no fan of Apple but I just saw the Apple TV and thought it was interesting. The specs are higher (1ghz Pentium M, 40g hdd) and the price is higher ($299), but IMO functionality-wise it just looks like a GP2X hooked up to a TV. Lol.
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    Race! Problems

    I've tried two roms and neither of them work. It just plays the intro sound and goes back to the menu. The roms I tried were: Sonic the Hedgehog - Pocket Adventure Rockman Battle & Fighters [T-English_0.10]
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    A Smarter Bob

    I was thinking about the commercial BOB and the thought occurred to me. GPH if they release the commercial BOB will probably include the wrong features and make it prohibitively expensive. So I wondered, what do we really want in a BOB? I figured that the demand would be highest for a dock that...
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    The Gp2x Toolchain Project Has Begun

    I have figured out this SVN stuff (actually, I downloaded a gui client :lol:), and the initial code is up. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, a toolchain is the set of tools required to build programs, in this case it is GCC and friends. So what have we got? The good: * GCC is the...
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    GP2X Interesting Little Device On Ebay

    This is it there are 10 of them available. Comes with software. All one would need is a ext port cable, I guess. Thankfully I don't need this, but I thought it was interesting.
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    Scan Your Payback Sd

    lost and found...
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    Do Motels Usually Have A Lost & Found?

    Apparently I lost my Payback SD in a motel 6 room. :( Is there any hope of getting it back? Has anyone ever gotten anything back from a motel l&f? I guess this is a really stupid topic. Whatever.
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    I messed up my /etc/resolv.conf file on my GP2X and now I can't telnet anymore. Could somebody please tell me the contents of their (unmodified) resolv.conf file? I know, I know, I should have backed it up.
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    Python And Libraries

    I am going to start a project in Python on the PC and eventually try to get it on the '2X when development reaches later stages. But it would depend on a few libraries, so I need to know what the issue is with libraries, firmware, and Python. I mean: Static Link Libraries: Is that even...
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    Know A Good Distro For Devving?

    Okay, so I'm basically getting real pissed off at windows for a number of reasons. The main two being that 1) Its a big memory hog, I can't afford 3gbs of RAM right now, nor can my motherboard accept that much (I'm upgrading the motherboard/CPU soon though). 2) MinGW is outdated and doesn't...