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    Sd Card Partitions

    Hey everyone. I have a 1GB SanDisk SD card. It worked fine when I first got it, but after trying to copy some stuff over using a dodgy card reader, it became corrupted. I put it in a good card reader and recreated the partition. Worked fine in windows, but didn't detect in my GP2X (something...
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    Snes Emulator Released

    The SNES emulator we've seen screenshots of floating around in the last few days has been released. Get it at:,0,0,0,5,856 I'm sure this is a buggy demo, but it's still very cool. The first emulator publically released for the GP2X, I think.
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    Gp2x Release Soon?

    According to as of the 2nd of October, the "first final units arrive on the 4th" (of October, I assume). Before I pre-ordered a week or two ago, I emailed them to ask when they were sending them out, and they said as soon as they received it. Does this mean that we could have our...
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    Gp2x Game Development Update has just released a list of 'game development facts' Emulators: Genesis Megadrive/MegaCD NES, SNES Neo-Geo SMS (Sega Master System) MSX GB, GBC, GBA (VBA32) Dos Box (PC emulator of MS-DOS) Mame PSX (!!) Ports: Doom Quake 3D work, 3D graphics library, 3D engine and examples Naruto 3D...