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  1. NiGame

    Moonlight on Pyra

    Been using this software on my Android tablet and thinking it would be great to steam my PC games to my pyra with the built in controls. The Moonlight project is quite good and have versions for Raspberry Pi etc If someone would be willing to port this it would be awesome...
  2. NiGame

    Who has Received their 1Ghz Pandora Poll

    I was curious to who has received their Pandora and how many are left to be sent. #80 on Craigs queue, still waiting
  3. NiGame

    Selling Pandora First Batch

    I decided to sell my first batch Pandora. I am getting the 1gz version and was going to keep both. But I have now realised that I would probably never use it again which will be a waste. Here is the item selling on the UK EBAY, Reserve is only £175, so could be a cheap option for someone...
  4. NiGame

    GNGEO 0.8.5 Boot problem

    The program will no longer load fully. It will get as far as requesting if I want to use default or set path for ROMS. It then does nothing. I have tried re downloading the PND I have tried using different SD cards I tried deleting the appdata I also tried reboot I also unzipped my bios...
  5. NiGame

    Sound Issues

    I have currently HF5 RC1 and community codec pack installed, tried 3 music players all sound the same. Then reflashed and installed community pack still no joy. I have tried MP3's of different bit rates and all sound the same. It's as if an equaliser is screwed somewhere as music is mostly...
  6. NiGame

    Windows off screen

    May be a silly question but lots the the system options and programs run larger than the screen - usually the okay cancel buttons. I have checked desktop resolution and it is at full. I set the taskbar to auto hide. Used the fit to window button. But still problems seeing all of the window...