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    Picodrive 1.14

    I'm having a problem with the CDDA sound on Ecco 1 not coming on in this 2nd ver of the emu. It worked fine in the first release (though the sprites and bgs looked horrible. ^^) Now the game looks great and the sfx work but the CDDA is not working :( nevermind, just used default settings in the...
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    Dreamcast & Psx Emulator

    I dissagree, I have a P4 3ghz laptop with a Mobility Radeon X600 (crap) and I need to UNDERCLOCK Chankast in most cases to get an "authentic" framerate.
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    Snes Emulation On The Gp2x - Newbie Seeks Views

    I agree with you about the emu, but, the PSP D-pad kinda blows . . :D from my experience anyway getting diagonals on that thing is a sore thumb'n a half. It's nice that you can still use the analog stick on that emu.
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    Music is better for a lot of NeoCD games - just a point
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    Random Crashes

    just so you know, I've successfully fixed my "semi bricked" unit for now. Updated back to 2.1.1 as well. I did a kernel, boot and file debrick and it worked successfully. Also I did it from scratch using the 1.0.1. update files look here...
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    Random Crashes

    I feel for you man, I have the same problem since I upgraded to 2.1.1 and YES I also am stuck with a MK1 model for now <_< try this, after you start an exe, if that prgram is one that usually locks up/freezes the GP2X, press and hold the face buttons/circle the D-pad or even *gasp* press...
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    Bad Lcd

    anyone know where I could get a replacement LCD assembly? I got a busted GP2x on eBay and most of the ribbon terminals for powering the backlight are totally shot. on top of that it seems the l.e.d.s themselves are trash. Ive tried tracing the serial back to the make, but Topsun seemed to...