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  1. Zip site have email spam bot vulnerabilty

    hi people i was look for my email on the web, and i found it in "" as you can see here and there is google dork pkg author .email: i dont know who admin that mirror site, but please hidden emails value, i really hate...
  2. Zip

    The Evolution of Video Game Controllers Poster, pandora is in!

    in that wonderful poster is included pandora : and other open console, only gp32 and dingoo .. :) full image here: bye
  3. Zip

    Kali linux on pandora? it support arm, could be possible to port?
  4. Zip

    Code Poetry! show up our skillz!

    hi people! im seeking of good love poems written in programming languages, all iv found at the moment is: http://engtech.wordp...poetry-in-perl/ and that: --- let's post some code poems (i...
  5. Zip

    How to increase the Pandoras number of sales

    Its simple!! just Put an apple in back of devices, call it something that starts whit " i " like iPlay, iJoistiq, iGamepad, iConsole iSomethingelse and now you can sell your pandora at 799$ The OpenPandora community Presents The iPlay! the iPlay suggestions from users: edit1...
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    The greenlight Bundle

    Hi people! i wan to share that news! this is the green light bunde, a bundle of games that are waiting of approval in steam you can buy 4 games at 1$! or 8 games at 5$ or more (if you want contribuite) my suggestion is to take it, there are fantastic game like syder arcade (made...
  7. Zip

    Openconsole Webzine #1 English translated

    finally we completed our webzine translated in english, this issue is the first 14 april 2011 ( :P ) but now we continue to translate other 5 issue :) read online: download:
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    Release [Rebirth Compo] Fall to win

    hi open scene people :) i'm Zip admin of forum (italian community for wiz caanoo pandora dingoo and newer android based console) i want to show my entries for rebirth compo :) fall to win! its a simple game coded in BennuGD, the gameplay is something like "epic...
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    Ungp 0.4 Summer Preview

    Uguru released first caanoo version of uNGP there is v0.4 change log: - Solved some bugs in blitter and frameskip code. - A little increase speed. - Changed Autofire code. - Changed the code about syncing and fps counter in emu. - Changes code when a game is not really a NGP game. - First...