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    Freedo Going Free?

    Just found this message at and thought it would be interesting for us GP2x ppl: Seems their going to open the source of the 3DO emulator which seemed to be also developed for our beloved machine. Maybe some coder can finish...
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    Shining Force CD

    Hallo! Ich habe irgendwie Probleme Shining Force CD ans Laufen zu bekommen. Zwar komme ich ins Intro & kann es mir auch ansehen, aber wenn die obligatorische Aufforderung "Press Start" kommt und ich drücke, tut sich gar nichts mehr. Ich benutze den neuesten PicoDrive und, ja, ich habe hier und...
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    PS2 - Neuling

    Hallo! Wollte mal fragen, was man so als PS2-Neuling so braucht. Habe mich ein bißchen mal im Internet schlau gemacht und habe nun ein paar Fragen: 1. Kann ich auch NTSC PSone (alte PSX) Spiele auf einer PS2 spielen? 2. Ich will an meinem Fernseher spielen und mein GameCube hat mit dem...
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    GP2x Gruppe bei

    Tach auch! Damit mal ein bißchen Werbung für den GP2x gemacht wird, habe ich eine Gruppe bei erstellt. Und damit wir GP2x-Verrückten nicht an sozialer Verarmung sterben... :) Wer Bock hat, kann sich ja da mit anmelden.
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    BC900 iCharger - Internetbestellung

    Hallo! Wollte mir in den nächsten Tagen den schon mehrmals hier im Forum empfohlenen iCharger kaufen & wollte deshalb fragen, ob mir irgendjemand einen Shop mit dem er selber schon Erfahrungen hat, emfehlen könnte. Danke schon mal!
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    Mame Vs. Gngeo

    Hi there! Just read that MAME could handle NeoGeo games. Can anybody tell me if they're faster/better than with GnGeo2x? Just wondering, since MAME uses Reesys' Z80 core which seems to be quite faster than the "normal" C core...
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    Ogm Files An Gp2x

    Hi there! I hope, this topic wasn't discussed before, but when you're renaming the OGM files to AVI ones, the build-in movie player will play them! Unfortunately it seems that the player has some problems with the newest XVID codec resulting in only paying the audio. (Although, old XVID videos...
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    So, da mein GP2X anscheinend doch noch vor dem Wochenende kommt, war ich heute in der Stadt, um mir einige SD-Karten anzuschauen. Habe mich dann doch für die 1GB-Größe entschieden und habe jetzt 3 von verschiedenen Herstellern (SanDisk, Hama, AGFA) gesehen, die alle das Gleiche kosten (59,99€)...
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    Fgb Bug In Metal Gear

    Hi there! Just found a bug in fGB (the f-day preview version from the GBAX-compo) in the game Metal Gear Solid: When I enter the first available elevator, the emus throws a error at me and hangs itself up. Anybody there who got the same or have I just a bad dump? Would be nice to debug it before...
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    GP2X bei Comtech

    Hi! Das hier soll keine Schleichwerbung oder so sein & ihr sollt auch alle gefälligst euren GP2X bei ED bestellen (wenn ihr das nicht schon gemacht habt...), aber das es ihn schon bei Comtech zu kaufen gibt finde ich cool... Endlich mal mehr "Action" & leichteres Einkaufen, als beim GP32. Mehr...
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    Drsms "bugs"

    Hello there! I just opened a new topic to help Reesy debug his great Sega Master System emulator. Here some "bugs" I've found: When changing the GP32 speed, it seems the sound pitches afterwards a litttle bit higher or lower. Funny enough, it seems that 80Mhz and 160Mhz have the same...
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    GP32 Autoloading

    Hi all you emulator-coders out there! Just have a little idea how to make your emus even better: Autoload: When I load a ROM the first (for example) save-slot should be loaded automatically so I don't have to go to the "Load"-menu and select it by hand. Saves me some second... :rolleyes: Thanx!
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    Opinion On Gp32 And Gp2x

    Here my 2 cts about the new and old GP32... Just write here my expectations and some opinions down... Emus: I think there will be at the start no really impressive emus for the GP2X, I hope there will be a decent Gameboy, Sega Master System, MSX, C64, Atari ST, Atari 800, Atari 2600, Amstrad...
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    Mame 1.5 Released

    Get it here: Franxis Project Page
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    Gba-emulation On Gpx2

    Hi there! Just wondering about the 2D-accelerator chip on the GPX2 to help to make GameBoyAdvance-emulation become reality. Does anybody knows about a chance to get this working at a decent speed on GPX2 (especially some coders...) especially when using th accelerator e.g. for Mode7 things)?
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    Little Bug In Fgb

    Hi there! Just found a little, annoying bug in rlyeh latest fGB-release: When you play a game and enter the File options menu, choosing to load a file instead to save it and then continue to play, the emulator will start at the "choosen" load-position. E.g.: You have SuperMario Level 1-1...
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    Gp32 Smc Questions

    Hi there! I've got just some questions regarding the SMC: 1. Which FAT system does the GP23 use? FAT16 or FAT12? 2. Does anybody has recognized bugs when using long filenames? (I mean when you copy a file with a cardreader onto the SMC with Win XP. I know, the GP32 will only display the first 8...
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    GP32 Z80 Core In Asm

    Hi there! Just a wicked idea, but: If there was a Z80 core written in ARM9 asm maybe we would see fullspeed Gamboy/Colour emulation and maybe Sega Genesis at fixed frameskip 1. I come from the Dreamcast scene and some months ago a 68000 core written in asm was released and this thing had a major...
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    Blocky Output In Gpcinema

    Hi there! Just wanna know if it's a known bug/feature in GPCinema that the videos are VERY blocky, especially when changing from a bright colour to black. I've used both XVID and DIVX to encode and everytime it's blocky. I even tried 16-bit output in VirtulDub but this didn't changed anything...
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    GP32 grilled

    Hi there! Stupid me, I've "grilled" my GP32 with 9V and now after some minutes it's always fading away (same when I had low batterie-power)... Does anybody knows a workaround to get it back to work?! PLEASE HELP! I'm starving without my GP... :(