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    Power Via Usb

    My mobile phone has charges using a mini-usb port.. I don't want to plug my GP2X directly into the wall though, incase it just goes bang. :-) According to the adaptor, it puts out 850mA at 5V.. that 5V is too much, isn't it?
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    Battery Woes

    I get ~5 hours from 2 Energizer 2500mahs. I bought 10 including a charger from eBay for $40 AUD. I can't complain at all. :-)
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    All Aussies Stand Up And Be Counted

    Hey sand_man, I'm in Adelaide, too :-D I ordered from GBAX in September sometime and got my First Edition GP2X in early December.
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    Mp3 Visualizations

    There is a linux based visualisation program written in SDL called fische. It has some really cool visualisations and it gets the audio input from ALSA. I don't know if the GP2X uses ALSA, but it shouldn't be too hard to modify the audio input to use something else. I tried to make it run with...
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    Duke 3d Problems...

    I can get to the title screen, but when I hit a button, it shows the loading screen and then quits to the menu. Any help? dennis: have you tried changing the sound settings in the config file? from the readme: To get sound, make sure the FXDevice in duke3d.cfg is set to 0. NumBits can be 8 or...
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    Zool dies after the SEGA logo Zombies Ate My Neighbours has graphics glitches and the name of the other game I've forgotten. You're flying a plane and you start off on an airplane carrier.. the graphics are very glitchy Everything else I've tried has run perfectly.
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    Lcd Tweaker - New Firmware

    I also still have scanlines. Is this one of the bugs that required a replace of unit? I use 1 or 2 on UPLL. Hopefully the next version of the firmware or of the tweaker will make the changes load from boot, but for now it's not too bad running the app every time I start up my unit.
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    What Are The Advantages In Upgrading My Firmware

    I had USB work on my friends computer with 1.0, but it wouldn't work on mine under 1.0 or 1.1.0 I've noticed improvments with the video player with 1.1.0, and it fixed the problems with the DrMD menu (it now looks perfect!). I had a few crashes in games under 1.0, and have had very few...
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    Gp2x Second Edition?

    IIRC, there was one hardware modification from the units that say "First Edition" and the later ones, and that was some glue around the power and battery LEDs to prevent them from sinking.. I have a "First Edition" and my LEDs have sunk. No major drama though. Craigix also said that in future...
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    Sd Card Partitions

    Hey everyone. I have a 1GB SanDisk SD card. It worked fine when I first got it, but after trying to copy some stuff over using a dodgy card reader, it became corrupted. I put it in a good card reader and recreated the partition. Worked fine in windows, but didn't detect in my GP2X (something...
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    No (real) Complaints!

    I've had very good battery life with Energizer 2500mahs. I would estimate at around 4-5 hours of useage. Since I bought 10 batteries for $50 (AUD) on ebay, I've always got several pairs charged so I can play for as long as I want. The only problems I've had so far are with the joystick, but...
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    Sound Problems?

    There are currently 2 SNES emulation cores: one which runs games slowly but has sound and one which is written in ASM and runs games at close to perfect speed without sound
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    That's Just Godlike!

    I played Sonic and Knuckles last night and I was very very impressed. The menu in DrMD is totally messed for me - the text flashes and does weird wrapping and refreshing things. Is this maybe due to me not having updated my firmware? Also, I have seen a few graphics glitches in some games...
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    Help! Gp2x Burnt Me!!!

    Heh, the best one is this: "When the SD card is formatted, there is a chance that all data on the card will be lost. So you need to fully take it into consideration."
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    256mb Card

    Slightly off-topic: I have a 1GB Sandisk which was working fine, until I tried it in a dodgy cardreader which corrupted it. I deleted the partition and recreated it (through the GP2X via USB) and now I can't get it to detect anything on the card when it was previously working. I can still read...
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    Puzzle Bobble, Head Over Heels

    I think the NeoGeo emulator has a filebrowser, making the file in the root directory unneeded. Please, someone, correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Might As Well Join In The Self Indulgence.....

    Looks nice, but maybe make the Medium (MIDIM ;-P) battery level have grey colour about half way up the barrel. Otherwise, it looks very nice :-D
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    Recall Announcment

    I'm pretty sure the 500 being talked about were the first 500 units released in Korea.
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    Background Music

    Eventually someone (or some group of people) will either make the current menu able to multitask, or will make a replacment menu which will be able to multitask.
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    Nk New Release Emugp2x-051202

    I assume the second CPU isn't being used for SNES, so hopefully that can be dedicated to sound. [Almost?] full-speed SNES with sound! Yay!