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  1. GnoStiC

    Live Pandora Video From 7d8

    here we are at the 7d8 demo party, enjoying gp2x, wiz, pandora and more.. live pandora video;
  2. GnoStiC

    Vice2x 1.21 + Dtv Emulation

    Vice 1.21 (+DTV emulation) ----------------------------- i wanted to watch some DTV demos on my GP2X and here is; standart VICE 1.21 and DTV emulation (patch 64) (2mb dtv flash included) this may be 'a little' faster (or not) than the Mike Dawson's port.. DOWNLOAD what is dtv? official...
  3. GnoStiC

    Gp2x Cpu Pins

    hi all, i thought someone else may wonder what pins of mmsp2 are connected, so there are some high res, closeup captures of gp2x mmsp2.. mmsp2 pin names/functions can be found here.. gp2x cpu closeup gp2x conn pins without cpu gp2x backside of cpu conn pins
  4. GnoStiC

    Nightshift 2007 Demo Party

    Nightshift 2007 Official Webpage Register Welcome to Nightshift 2007, Türkiye's biggest demoscene event. Creative minds work the nightshift where the continents meet : İstanbul. We'll all meet again for more productive and creative purposes. Bunch of people are gathering for the digital arts...
  5. GnoStiC

    Interview With Rlyeh

    Hi, i wanted to interview with rlyeh for our pc diskmag (Plazma Homepage) and he accepted the interview :) since the plazma diskmag will be in turkish and i didn't want you to miss this interview, i thought i should post my first batch of questions on the forum and rlyeh should answer them...
  6. GnoStiC

    Asm Function

    first of all, sorry if this is already discussed before.. this is C version: /* BTST.L Dn,Dn */ unsigned long REGPARAM2 CPUFUNC(op_0100_0)(uae_u32 opcode, struct regstruct *regs) { uae_u32 srcreg = ((opcode >> 9) & 7); uae_u32 dstreg = opcode & 7; {{ uae_s32 src = m68k_dreg (regs, srcreg); {...
  7. GnoStiC

    Uae2x 0.1alpha Wip

    i'm working on this emulator about 2-3 weeks now.. actually, i tried to understand what uae does for the first 2 weeks.. you simply get lost in that code :) i was avoiding a wip release but i guess more testers and feedback wouldn't hurt.. there are many known issues but feel free to mail me...
  8. GnoStiC

    Set_fclk Crash

    i'm using the cpu speed for overclocking in my software and i have some problems.. step1: 1) gp2x boots, i choose my software from the game menu 2) i use set_add_ULCDCLK and then set_FCLK for overclocking 3) on line MEM_REG[0x910>>1]=v; //Set frequency screen gets garbled like the...