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    Picodrive Revival (1.91) - Gp2X/wiz/caanoo Version

    I'm still using my WIZ from time to time... Was very pleased to see an update of this emulator, when I cruised this site... Thumbs up for Notaz!!
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    Mame4All Gp32 V1.0

    Thanks for this cool emulator! Going to give my old GP32 another try.
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    Gpsp V0.9-2xb-u6

    Thanks for this releases, really started me to use my little Gamepark again.
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    Phantomas V1.8x

    Nice to see someone still porting games to GP2x. And even such a sweet little 8-bit conversion like this!
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    Mame4all Gp2x 1.5

    Great to see an update! Thanks, Franxis and Slaneesh!
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    Race! Beta

    Really looking forward to test this little gem. Would like to see this emu grow even more! Keep up the good work, Hooka!
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    Mipdf 1.0 Rc2 Released (f100 / F200)

    Tested MiPDF a little bit more and it seems to get more unstable the bigger the PDF file is. It would be nice to have a keypress feature, e.g. when pressing one of the directional buttons should the view scroll unless the buttons is released.
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    Mipdf 1.0 Rc2 Released (f100 / F200)

    Nice! Since Xpdf for the GP2x wasn't my cup of tea since it's not natively written for the GP2x this program is really sweet: Fast and small! Some things I would see in the next release: 1. A status line at the bottom that indicates when MiPDF is working (e.g. reading a new page) 2. Maybe a...
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    Yippie! At last one of my favorite childhood games on my favorite (adult) console!
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    Mame4all Gp32 Eta

    Nice to see the GP32 still supported! Gonna try this one out since the joystick of the GP32 is way better than the GP2x one... ;) 1000x thanks for this, slaanesh!!
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    Sqdef 1.4

    Very nice game, but for me it's too addictive... ;) Would be nice to have someday some music playing, maybe MODs. There would be enough ppl contributing music to this game, I think.
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    [gp2x Wiki] Featured Application - Gpsp

    Would be nice to give this emu another coding update! The first time it was too slow for me but lately I've rediscovered it and am very happy and pleased with the speed!! Wario Ware and Advanced Wars is perfectly running on this little gem!
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    Gpsp: To Ramhack Or Not Ramhack!

    There's a new version made by notaz, grab it here. I don't know if it's faster, but it has some features I've been missing in the old version. I've noticed a bug in the notaz release: The savestates doesn't work properly, tested it with "Advanced Wars 2" and never get the same result when...
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    For all who got stuck, here my codes up to Level 8 (it's the highest I reached, and yes, level 2 is krank... ;)) It seems every level has three codes, sometime I only got two but they all should work the same. Level 2:BAAWC WZOEM ZOAPX Level 3:BCACU ZHOVM Level 4:ZKOTJ ZCOCI Level 5:BEAOG...
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    Fba2x - Finalburn Alpha Beta 7.2

    Great to see an update of this emu! Seems HeadOverHeels is improving everything he gets his hands on! Keep up the great work, HeadOverHeels!
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    Many thanks for this great game! Seems the GP32 will never ever die... ;)
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    Picodrive 1.51

    The level is called "Collision Chaos - Zone 2". The objects are looking like glass discs and one will hear a "broken glass" sound when Sonic hits them. They're quite at the beginning of the level. The status disappears in every graphic mode (8-bit fast, accurate and 16-bit accurate). Another...
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    Picodrive 1.51

    Just wondering if there's a "bug" in PicoDrive: Now in SonicCD, when I hit certain obstacles, the status (the number of rings, time, lifes, etc.) disappears for a short blink...
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    Picodrive 1.51

    Great to see improvements on an already (nearly) perfect emulator!!
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    Powder (release 106) Released!

    The 106 version works on my GP2x First Edition but when I try to disable the fullscreen mode in the option menu it exits.