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  1. a.ginger.turtwig

    It's Happening - μSDXC Cards At The Speed Of SSD's

    Will the Pyra bottleneck the cards? If Not I'd love one as a boot drive.
  2. a.ginger.turtwig

    Decent Game Engine

    Thanks for the advice. I was asking about Engines so I could know where to start but it seems like everything I've looked at except Unity uses C++. I never thought programing needs a different way of thinking. Hopefully that won't take long.
  3. a.ginger.turtwig

    Dual SoCs?

    Forgive me if this question is too dumb but, would a dual SoC design be possible if space on the cpu board was not an issue? I have seen dual cpu systems with server hardware but I haven't seen it done with ARM. Would more then a few cores even be useful for something like the pyra?
  4. a.ginger.turtwig

    Decent Game Engine

    Last time I looked at Godot It was not user friendly at all, looking at the site it seems to have matured a lot. I think I might end up using this if I can get enough support for it. I'm not really into point and click stuff.
  5. a.ginger.turtwig

    Decent Game Engine

    I did some Pokémon rom hacks but I don't think most of that experience will carry over. I'm not just going to jump into making the game. I think I'd want to learn a bit of the language for what ever I end up using, and then do a few small projects in the engine to build up to a full game.
  6. a.ginger.turtwig

    Decent Game Engine

    I have wanted to make a game for a long time. I have finally gotten to the point where I have enough time to learn. The issue is that I don't know the pros or cons on the technical side of things. Unity doesn't have any royalties and a huge community to get support from. Unreal gives you the...
  7. a.ginger.turtwig

    [Multichoice poll] What colour should the Pyra's case be?

    I would love off-white or beige.
  8. a.ginger.turtwig

    If you could own two of your drem cars (modern and classic) what would they be?

    I'm surprised by the lack of BMWs in here, what gives?
  9. a.ginger.turtwig

    Dragon Box Shop won't let me sign in.

    I'd like to buy a Rebirth Pandora, However I can not sign in to with my forum account. I thought that I might need to make one just for the shop but when I do It asks what I want my forum nickname to be. How can I get one with this account?
  10. a.ginger.turtwig

    Will the Pyra be good for schoolwork? (and other questions)
  11. a.ginger.turtwig

    Will the Pyra be good for schoolwork? (and other questions)

    I'm not sure if we use the same Blackboard for school since the one I use is an application not a website, but I have not gotten it running on any arm device. Everything else works though.
  12. a.ginger.turtwig

    LCD Cables and refurbished Pandoras

    I do have money I'm not sure if it's enough for a refurbished Pandora, but If not then I'm close. I'm in america and I'm looking for a rebirth or 1ghz however I would go for a classic pandora if the price is low. I guess If i can't get one soon I will probably put that money towards a pyra.
  13. a.ginger.turtwig

    LCD Cables and refurbished Pandoras

    I am going on a trip in a three weeks and I'd like to get a Pandora before then. Will this be possible?