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    Dunno What To Call This!

    Right, sorry for the shit title. here's my question... When we got our GP32's we had to register our GP32 with its own unique username and password. Now, I'm considering selling my FLU and outting the money towards a BLU... ...would the person buying my FLU need my username and password? I'm...
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    Gp32 Is Dead

    I have a FLU and it hasn't been used for a fair while. I just got some freshly charged NiMH 1300mAh 1.2v and whammed them in. When I turn on, I can flick the FLU on and off, but nothing comes up. Just a blank screen, not even the lovley little annoying Gp32 logo that normally appears. HELP :(
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    The Best Of The Best

    Well, I posted on here a while back. My GP32 had been out of action cos I lost the net for about a year. Some people kindly helped me out and gave me a CD full of GP32 related software, but unfortunatley, I played for only abit before giving PC emulation all my time. Now I'm going away for...
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    Moma's "eve"

    Anyone heard about this new handheld "Eve"? It's being developed by the guy that wrote the "Hacking the X-Box" book and his missus. Supposed to be similar to the GP32 but it's basically gonna be designed like a portable PC... in the way that ipod lets you carry ytour music collection, this is...
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    Looky Looky!

    I just went into Gamestation to have a look at their retro pre-owned section, and came across not one, but two, mint condition (and I mean not a scratch) Virtual Boys, each with two games. One would cost you.... wait for it... just under two-hundred of your hard earned pounds with both games...
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    I was looking through my old posts, and I came across one that was begging for some super-awesome coder to port/remake Sheep... did it happen? If not, then any takers?
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    A Huge Favour

    OK.. this is incredibly cheeky.. so I'll explain myself first.. I've had my GP32 coming up to a year now, but around eight months ago I lost my Internet connection. The only way I can get access is through the public library, or the college.. Now my college has banned game related websites...
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    GBA Flash? Questions

    I am getting a GBA player to go on my GameCube so I can obvioulsy play away on full screen. My question is this... whats the thing you can buy (and does it come with cartridges) where you can copy ROMS (that I have on cartridge but are old and broken, Im talking originals here) from your PC...
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    Come on guys, realistically,,,,,

    If you remake or port SHEEP, everyone will get a GP32 just for this game... And if they don't, well, I'll buy another 3! Just do this game someone!!! OK beggin over ;)
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    I'm officially begging for a port / remake of SHEEP! Pleeeeeeeeease - someone else must love this game :P
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    You've guessed it....

    I installed Moviepark, Movielink, Virtual Dub, and that big 28MEG file of codecs. I follwed the instructions off of GP32emu's FAQ's, and I made a short, couple of seconds music video for my GP32... Now this is where my problems begin... When I load up Moviepark, I select the file and it...
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    ARGH IM PANICKING! I registered my GP32 at entware and went to order moviepark. Gave (my girlfriends) credit crad info, and when i clicked on "submit" or whatever it was, i get a blank screen appear. blank with the exception of the word "true" in the corner.... The header of the window says...
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    GP32 Sound Questions

    I write MIDI on my computer using Logic Audio Platinum. I was wandering something... when I extract my work as a MIDI file, rather than saving as a Logic file, and I play in Winamp, I odn't get all the sounds. Instead I get just a piano playing EVERY track. You can imagine how annoying this...
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    2 games I'd LOVE to see ported........

    If nayone's up for porting/remaking a few games... I'd love to see Dungeon Master and cadaver... don't tell me to use emulaters! Im doing that already :P its just an actual port would be awesome!
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    ACE files

    How to I get an ACE file to work? Where do I put it? I have the SNES EMU from zardozjones but I've not come across this format before...
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    Atari ST or Atari 2600

    Just wandering chaps cos I'm gonna downlaod one of the emulaters and play around, but the question is... which one?
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    Amstrad GX4000

    Hey! I had an Amstrad GX4000 or somethin of a similar name. Was crap. Very crap. But I loved the game I had called Burning Rubber..... anyone wanna try and take this on!?
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    TV Extension

    How do I play my GP32 on my TV?!
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    I think it woul dbe cool to have a games section with full reviews. I'm eager to buy a proper GP32 game (i.e. commercial), but I don't know what one's I will like and what one's I'll dislike...... please help!
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    PC Engine

    I can't save my progress on GPengine. Is this juts me, or has it just not been implemente dyet?