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    Gp2X F200 Lot

    GP2X F200 Console (tested stable at 250MHz) GP2X F200 Power Adapter GP2X Cradle (USBx4, JTAG, SVIDEO, Audio) GP2X Cradle SVIDEO to RCA adapter GP2X Cradle power adapter for USB HDD support Carrying Pouch, USB cable, original Stylus excellent shape; just missing audio rubber stopper (darn kids)...
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    Gp2X F200

    Kansas City Area GP2X F200 Console (200MHz default; stable at 250MHz) GP2X F200 Power Adapter (was sold seperatly, unique to this system, has negative center power, does not charge batteries) GP2X Cradle (rare) (USBx4, JTAG, SVIDEO, Audio)...
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    Gmenu2X 0.11

    I have the following issues with the new version: GP2X F200 4.0.0 Touchscreen - not working sub sections - opaque first picture, then none displayed rows/columns - option missing (on purpose?)
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    Duke Nukem 3D Cheats

    So I was a little tired of not being able to cheat and my compiles crashing that I figured to just change the code. If you are interested in adding cheats to the duke3d.gpe file all that is needed is a hex editor and a patch utility. I used bsdiff to make these cheats available. YXYYXX ------...
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    Test Dragon History English

    I updated about 95% of the text of the original English version in this game so far. If there is anyone interested in testing the game for me and telling me any corrections or improvements (humor/grammer/other), let me know. You can use the walkthrough at the primary site as a guide. I posted...
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    Doom Enhanced

    So I just watch for the occasional "new" thing I can do with my GP2X and came across some posts about hires conversion for Doom. Since I run (and play) dozens of pwads I thought it would be really cool to get back to the original ... but better. Here you can find a texture pack that gives Doom a...
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    Doom Autoexec.cfg

    Following along the lines of my quake autoexec I figured I would make it easy for some folks to play the Zdoom variants and addons with a little help. There's nothing like jumping around in Doom :) put below content in autoexec.cfg file in prboom/zdoom directory (only tested with zdoom) (may...
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    Race (Ngpocket) Gmenu Selector

    Since the NGPocket has a short list of games I thought it would make an excellent candidate for a gmenu2x selector with screenshots. You can get them here for example. Rename them as your game names (or use the same no-intro dat convertor) and this would get you a matching picture for each. I...
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    Quake Autoexec.cfg

    I searched and found very few snippets about a decent quake config and there hasn't been anything recent for anyone who actually needs help to finish playing this game (ahem, I guess that'd be me). Here is my autoexec for GP2X to get people another shot at this. ..L..: Strafe (GodMode) ..R...
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    Gp2Xhandy On Gmenu2X

    So I have had my F200 for a long while, playing various games and emulators off and on. Then I thought I would try gp2xhandy again and play some Crystal Mines II (awesome!!). I could not get it started under gmenu2x (0.10). I even switched to 0.9 to no avail.I turned off autorun, booted GP2X...
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    Open2X Liquido Skin

    I have added a conversion of my favorite skin from gmenu2x to Open2x. You can get it at the archive. Note: section image content I added is not working at the moment, trying to figure it out (worked in gmenu2x) Instructions: Copy open2xskin folder to root of SD Select Explorer in...
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    I Use My Gp2X In 2009 For ...

    I was wondering what was still going on with everyone and their use of the GP2X. I mainly set up for emulators and have just about every one of them working with all the "Top 100" lists of games. Then I sometimes let my kids (yes some of us are old) watch movies. Mostly I just mess around and...
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    Dingoo Board Before Gp2x

    Love the new format, but I now have to scroll three times before I get to this board. WIZ and Pandora I can forgive, but Dingoo?
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    Femamegp2x Update

    Since I heard several rumblings in regards to this a while back I updated the femame binary to support mame4all 1.6. I also updated the cfg and the driver file for the newest set with a recent filter. Due to how mame4all starts its frontend I had to name it mame.gpe, so be sure to backup your...
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    Phoneme Keymaps

    I started playing with some of the mobile games that I found a while back and tested for compatibility with the Phoneme app ported by zaxxon. I thought it would be helpful to have some of this work become a permanent thread so other people can start enjoying some of the wonderful J2SE games...
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    Prboom 2.5.0b

    Most of my addon wads crash now. various issues: Darkening R_FlatNumForName: OPATERN1 not found Memento Mori, Scientist 2, Darkening 2, HACX, Mars War, Rebirth, Brotherhood of Ruin R_InitData: Textures Z_Malloc: Failure trying to allocate XXXX bytes Memento Mori 2, Requiem, Revolution...
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    Got my drivers file for MAME4ALL up to date and femamegp2x crashes with a null pointer. Seems that more than 2000 entries kill the parser. Trying to start any file to check syntax or redirect other than mame results in "Unable to Launch". Also, can't find source to fix/recompile. Link on Home...
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    Eclipse Is The Shizznit

    While looking into getting my j2me working I was reading the Italian boards (well, ok, I was google translating them) and came across the new phoneme 1.0 release. So I thought about posting the news but got a snag. Quote from: smandrake Abbiamo già provveduto a presentarlo alla comunita...
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    Neocd2x Region?

    Can't find how to change the region from the default Japan to US or Euro. Anyone know the byte location I can change in the binary from 0 to 1 or 2? I don't have a dev env to compile.
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    Fba2x B71 Non-working Games

    Wanted to kick off a issues topic for FBA since many people are interested in non-working games so the devs can maybe respond. I tried bbakraid and got the following errors: insmod: not found so I exported the path with /sbin and got: Using /lib/modules/2.4.25/kernel/drivers/input/joydev.o...