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    Gp2X F200 Lot

    GP2X F200 Console (tested stable at 250MHz) GP2X F200 Power Adapter GP2X Cradle (USBx4, JTAG, SVIDEO, Audio) GP2X Cradle SVIDEO to RCA adapter GP2X Cradle power adapter for USB HDD support Carrying Pouch, USB cable, original Stylus excellent shape; just missing audio rubber stopper (darn kids)...
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    Fba2X Wrestlefest Can Not Get To Work

    This one works for me. No .fba file needed. Path = Type = zip Physical Size = 4717830 Date Time Attr Size Compressed Name ------------------- ----- ------------ ------------ ------------------------ 2001-04-02 22:01:54 ..... 262144 124358...
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    Gp2X F200

    Fixed link, but I guess no more interest in F200. Love that thing, though. Court won't take it instead of cash, go figure. Lousy speeding ticket. Oh, well.
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    Gp2X F200

    Kansas City Area GP2X F200 Console (200MHz default; stable at 250MHz) GP2X F200 Power Adapter (was sold seperatly, unique to this system, has negative center power, does not charge batteries) GP2X Cradle (rare) (USBx4, JTAG, SVIDEO, Audio)...
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    Escape From Zombie City - Wip 3

    I have a toolchain set up on Windows and can compile most any GP2X program. The bennugd source looks to be Linux specific. May have to set it up there as well so I can at least try to compile. Thanks, bummer.
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    Commander Genius For Gp2X (Enhanced Keen Engine)

    Should we wait for the 3.3 compile? Missing bottom pixels is a minor irritation.
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    Escape From Zombie City - Wip 3

    Is there a chance of a GP2X Fx00 version? Can't play any of the bennugd stuff because I can't locate a recent compile. Would like to test if you have one.
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    Saving In Temper

    Just installed and tested. Per BRAM save works just fine. Temper 0.75.
  9. B Romrc

    It depends on your romset. I tried a few combinations of rcs that I had to modify. You will find some references in the forum. I added these for myself: ct2k3sp,ganryu,irrmaze,kof2000,matrim,matrimbl,ms4plus,ms5plus,rotd,samsh5sp,svc,svcboot,vliner. romsets change every so often and the rcs...
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    Commander Genius For Gp2X (Enhanced Keen Engine)

    Wrong version in archive? Says 3.2.6 but readme says 3.2.5. Need update?
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    Commander Genius For Caanoo (Enhanced Keen Engine)

    This also happens on my GP2X F200 version. Just found that out today. Also have some other issues (20 pix cut off). I'll use .996 until the bugs in this get fixed. Hope he has the time.
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    Gmenu2X 0.11

    Changed default 136 to 166 a while back. Never lower. Also noticed that screen contrast changed when using config section (SELECT) and moving cursor. Similar to what happens for sub section graphics. The sub section graphics would be critical as I use it for emulator, java, and doom pwad...
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    Gmenu2X 0.11

    It's funny how everyone tosses out out O2X or 4.1.1 as I've been on 4.0.0 on the F200( B ) since it came out. I did update to O2X briefly and it broke more than I cared to fix. (Yes it is an impressive feat and I am not knocking the effort, that is a separate discussion.) I would be willing to...
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    Gmenu2X V0.11 Released

    added a help entry in GP2X (no news post) with some things not working This version is speedy, though and the ttf is awesome. Just finding a font at 8x12 mono that looks good is a chore. Thanks for the release. This menu reigns on my GP2X. Old Liquido theme still works as well.
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    Gmenu2X 0.11

    I have the following issues with the new version: GP2X F200 4.0.0 Touchscreen - not working sub sections - opaque first picture, then none displayed rows/columns - option missing (on purpose?)
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    Mame 4 All: Loading A Mame Roms

    Checking the releases you could try GNUBoy for the GBC version, use DOSBOX for the PC version, or psx4all for the PS1 version. Or use GPsp for the GBA Fever version.
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    When Did Gph Announce Consoles Typically?

    off-topic I spent $225 on the F200 ($50 for cradle) and I am still using it after two years. Got 12GB of games loaded up (with 200GB in reserve for Sega/TurboGfX CD) for thousands of hours of fun on the go. I have spent more money on movies and events that have not given me as much enjoyment as...
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    Mame 4 All: Loading A Mame Roms

    This was not supported until 76u2. The GP2X version is based on 34 with mods.
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    Giana's Return V1.0 (Gp2X)

    Starts OK, somewhat slow, but seems same as 996. At the menu screen it takes 5-20s to switch options. No music playing. Screen locks up during wait. Pressing start crashes game.
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    Fire Emblem - Monshou No Nazo Translation Patch

    same on gp2x f200 on 6.4.5 and 6.5.0 pocketsnes. some garbage then lots of periods on screen.