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  1. ArchiMark

    Clockwork DevTerm Kit

    Hi, Any thoughts about this upcoming device? Target release April 2021 Looks like some retro goodness to me............... :) Mark
  2. ArchiMark

    ArchiMark's Mega Tiny to Not So Tiny Laptop Sale

    Hi, My cabinet is full of laptops. Time to reduce the number of them. So, offering them here for sale. Hope you will find one right for you. All are in excellent like new condition unless otherwise noted in descriptions. Think items are fairly priced. Shipping is not included. If located...
  3. ArchiMark

    More Pi?.....Try some Noodle Pi

    Getting a lot of Pi lately...first there was some Banana Pi (see my other thread in this forum section), and now there's some Noodle Pi..... While waiting for my Banana Pi UMPC, I came across the Noodle Pi tiny pocket computer, even smaller than the Banana Pi. Comes either in kit form or...
  4. ArchiMark

    Banana Pi UMPC, anyone?

    Here's a little Banana Pi UMPC, to tide me over, while waiting for a Pyra to come along someday.... Check out this little pocket size Banana Pi Zero with WiFi/BT, USB, 5" Display, backlit keyboard.... Similar size to Pyra, but thinner....runs Debian or Ubuntu based on images from
  5. ArchiMark

    ArchiMark's Mega Mini-Laptop Sale

    Hi, My storage cabinet is full of tiny laptops. Time to reduce the number of them. So, offering them here for sale. Hope you will find one for you. All are in excellent like new condition unless otherwise noted in descriptions. Prices are the item only and are fairly priced I think. *****...
  6. ArchiMark

    ArchiMark's Mega Mini Computer Sale - Final Reductions

    Update 5 : April 16, 2015:    Viliv N5 is now SOLD!..... Have a few other great laptops left...... 1. The rare, top of the line Fujitsu U/G90 with 2GHz cpu, 62GB SSD, extended battery, standard battery, AC charger, CD, and PDair black leather pouch case. Looks similar to the one shown below in...
  7. ArchiMark

    SOLD - 1 GHz Pandora + Lots of Goodies for sale

    Due to my crazy work schedule which does not seem to be getting better and if anything will be getting more hectic, I don't have time to use my Pandora 1GHz. So, have decided to part with it and hope that it will find a good home with someone here. In addition to selling the Pandora, I'm going...
  8. ArchiMark

    SOLD! Toshiba Libretto U100 & DVD+RW Docking Station

    Here's your chance to get an excellent Toshiba Libretto U100 mini computer and docking station in great condition. Upgraded U100 to 1GB RAM, 60GB hard drive, and extended battery. It has Pentium M 1.2GHz CPU, sharp 7.2" (1280x768 WXGA resolution) built-in WiFi, BT, and fingerprint security...
  9. ArchiMark

    PNDstore - Won't Install Programs Now - Permission Denied

    Don't know what changed as PNDstore was working OK until this morning..... Now, I get the following error message when I try to install a program: Any idea how to fix this??? Thanks!
  10. ArchiMark

    Could Not Mount 64GB - Failed to Execute Child Process "Gnome-mount"

    Not sure if this issue is related to specific software program Notecase Pro or the PandoraOS... - Installed Notecase Pro on my 64GB SD card and it opens OK. - When I try to install the license for this program to use in it in Pro mode, I have problems, as follows: - Click on Install License...
  11. ArchiMark

    Problem with Setup on New Pandora - Can't Get to Start Now Button to Click It

    Just got new 1GHz Pandora today.... Turned it on and now at the 'Welcome screen'. There is a gray rectangle in middle of display. In it there is the 'Start now' button to click to start the setup procedure. However, I can't get to it with stylus, as display calibration is way off and can't...
  12. ArchiMark

    1GHz Pandora + Bonus Items

    Just don't have time to invest in using the new 1GHz Pandora....would like to find this little bad boy a good home! Selling a brand new 1GHz Pandora with AC charger and box. Also, sale includes everal Bonus Items: - (2) 32GB Class 14 SD Cards - (1) Custom Neoprene sleeve case with button...
  13. ArchiMark

    512MB Black Pandora Rebirth

    Just got my new 1GHz Pandora, so, don't need the Pandora Rebirth that I bought... As you can see from pics below, the Pandora 512MB is in just like new condition. I hardly touched it as I knew the 1GHz was coming... Comes with box and accessories as shown... Yours for $375 plus...
  14. ArchiMark

    Pandora Indicator Lights on Case - Legend

    If I've overlooked it somehow, please point me in the right direction....but from my looking through the wiki, FAQ, etc, I have not found anything that explains or a picture that gives a legend of what the various indicator lights on the case of the Pandora mean....Is there one somewhere? From...
  15. ArchiMark

    Can't Connect to Network with USB Ethernet Adapter at Work

    Have strange situation, hope someone can please advise.... Have new Pandora Rebirth model and installed latest firmware.... At home I can use my Apple USB ethernet adapter and connect to the network/internet without any problems. Just enable USB-host and then click on ifupdown (bnep0) and it...