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    Will 2GB Pyra have half the memory bandwidth?

    This has been discussed a lot in various threads by several people, and I talked to notaz who said he'd talk to ED, but as far as I know ED hasn't commented on it. So I thought I'd ask in a thread here. The concern is that if Pyra is moving to either 2x1GB or 4x1GB chips it'll mean that the 2GB...
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    SmartReflex on Pyra (and Pandora?)

    SmartReflex refers to a bunch of TI technologies, in particular it includes voltage tweaking based on dynamic measured values like temperature. According to notaz, it was not enabled on Pandora...
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    nVidia Jetson TX1 board

    So nVidia recently announced a new Jetson board equipped with the Tegra X1 SoC: For those who are aware, Jetson is nVidia's Linux-based development board series. This one is more interesting than the last because it comes in the form of a...
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    Second screen add-on project

    So, this came up a few times already as an idea, and I recommended someone start a thread for it. Since then I've talked a bit with an electrical engineer coworker who might be interested in helping out with something like this, so I might end up trying to do this with him at some point. Just...
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    Future DraStic Android port: help needed

    August 7 2013: DraStic is available now. You can get it here: We don't need any more beta testers at this time. Thanks for the support everyone! You can discuss the emulator more at our forum here:
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    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    Read the readme first. If you don't want to read it in the PND read it here instead: (you don't need BIOS images anymore, but if you already got them with a previous version you should probably keep using them) Nintendo DS emulator for...
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    DraStic Nintendo DS emulator teaser video

    This is something I've been working on on and off for a while now, a Nintendo DS emulator optimized for ARM called DraStic. I wanted to have a release ready before 2012 but I don't feel it's quite there yet so instead I decided to have a teaser video made. Big thanks to slaeshjag for making this...
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    Touchscreen issues

    Yesterday I accidentally dropped my Pandora - I tripped on a plugged in USB cord and it fell from a desk to the floor, flat on its base. It rebooted but otherwise seemed fine. But later I noticed the touchscreen wasn't working, as in it wouldn't register a touch at all (and I couldn't calibrate...
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    Default Linux: Angstrom pros and cons

    This is actually more of an open question, since I'm not really well educated on it.. what advantages would Angstrom have over other distributions, including the most popular desktop/laptop ones? I've seen a few people advocate continuing use of Angstrom on Pandora 2. Of course this is all...
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    SemiAccurate interviews EvilDragon about Pandora

    Can't believe this hasn't been posted already. Am I just missing it somehow? e_e
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    On marketing and buzzwords

    Motivated by this post: http://boards.openpa...219&qpid=174661 Where Grench argues that a 720p or 1080p screen is a pro, because it'll appeal to more people who resonate with the overall marketing behind these terms. Generally speaking, do you see marketability as something that should...
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    Pandora 2 thickness

    Another poll we can all argue over! Motivated by this post by _wb_: http://boards.openpa...200#entry173079 I've long been under the impression that people would generally prefer a thinner Pandora, but my impressions have a way of being totally wrong, so let's how this turns out. Note: _wb_...
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    ODROID-X and a possibility for handheld harvesting

    Hardkernel recently announced ODROID-X, a quadcore Exynos 4412 dev board: As far as dev boards go this is just a little cheaper than the usual like Beagleboard, Pandaboard, and iMX53QSB. But what makes this a...
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    Disappearing Pandora

    So I was SSHed into my Pandora and all of a sudden the Pandora SSH session freezes and the host is unreachable. Since it's many miles away I can't check on it immediately. I hope it's okay D: Humn, this is the Pandora's, right? Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0525:a4aa Netchip Technology, Inc...
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    Hp Touchpad

    Anyone else pick up one of these for $99? I don't have a tablet (or even a smartphone for that matter) and normally I wouldn't be interested in buying one, but at this outrageous price point even I couldn't resist. I get that this product was put to death (along with much of HP's divisions), but...
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    Turning off wifi from command line

    I'm currently remoted in to my Pandora and I want to turn off wifi entirely, ie the equivalent of the menu toggle but via command line. I want to do this because it takes a lot of cycles in the background and makes it hard to do good low level performance tests. Anyone know if this is possible?
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    Release Temper (Split from other thread)

    ** Foreward: Thanks to Prometheus for splitting this from the Yabause thread, and apologies to Ari64 et al for polluting it in the first place ** Fine, knock yourself out: I give no support for this link whatsoever ;p (apparently I lied! Well, it...
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    Prospective Console Recruitment

    Hi everyone, I've been talking with someone who is planning and funding a new handheld gaming platform. In order for this to get off the ground he is going to need some electrical and mechanical engineers for development and design work. So I figured that perhaps, in the same way Craig found...
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    Buying a battery

    So, as some of you might remember, many months ago I damaged my Pandora's battery by leaving the unit plugged into wall power for too long, causing the battery to expand. Technically it still works and it still fits in the case, but I was advised by a coworker that it wasn't safe to keep using...