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    Has someone running phosh on Pyra already?

    phosh (PHOne SHell) is a graphical shell for mobile, touch based devices like Pyra.
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    If Dragonbox would sell Pinephone

    I would buy one! It's just too complicated buying one from Asia at the moment, esp. if one is not willing to use PayPal.
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    Does Pyra have a microphone?

    If so, is it easy to desolder?
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    Build own kernel?

    Hi, where can I get the current kernel sources with config for Pyra to build it on my own? I like to add tons of modules, so that I can connect all kind of USB stuff :~) Mainly: USB wifi and ethernet adaptors, because wifi is pretty broken on "my" prototype. TIA! PS: I would ask in IRC, but I...
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    Expected runtime of Pyra and clock rate

    Are there any ideas, how long the battery of the Pyra will last when using it in a "light" way, i.e. not playing games, just editing text and low bandwidth wifi, i.e. not watching video streams, but doing text chatting? 1 hour? 10 hours? Will it be possible to reduce the clock rate to improve...
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    Pyra without decent web browser?

    One of the main reasons for buying a Pyra is the ability to browse the web. This is much more important to me than using Pyra for playing games - if I want that at all. Unfortunately, browsing the web might become difficult. The Pyra will run the Debian armhf architecture. The Rust programming...
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    Pyra at FOSDEM?

    Will there be a chance to see and/or touch a Pyra at FOSDEM? If so, where and when?
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    Pyra circuit diagrams available?

    Hi, are the circuit diagrams of Pyra available to the public? If so, where can I find them? Some git repo? Which program is used for Pyras circuits and PCBs? KiCad? geda? TIA!
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    May I still change my casing colour?

    Hi, when I ordered my Pyra, I asked for a (boring) black or coal colour casing. Now I changed my mind and prefer a transparent one. Transparency rules! Will there be transparent Pyras? Can I still change the order? How? What shall I do? TIA! PS: If it's too late or transparent will not be...
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    2GB version worth it?

    Looking at the pre-order stats, only 1.7% of all orders are for a 2GB version, while 98.3% are 4GB orders. From my own company I know that every product variant has their overhead for administration, production, and warehousing. Is it worth keeping the 2GB variants alive? Just curious, no...
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    Patchy kernel? (or other software components)

    Hi, sorry, if this is an FAQ: How much is the kernel different from a stock Debian kernel package? Are there any other packages patched or different from standard Debian? Are additional packages needed for running the Pyra, that are not part of Debian? If patches or additions are necessary...
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    Abusing Pyra as communication device (needs camera)

    Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing a handheld computer for communication using e.g. XMPP and SIP over Wifi, but not GSM/LTE. The Pyra seems to be perfect for my needs, only it lacks a front-facing camera for video chat. VGA quality would be sufficient. An external camera would not be very...