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    Upgrade For Yinlips 2.3.4 Boxchip

    I went to the site of Yinlips and there i saw a new update for the Boxchip A10. So far i have not be able to upgrade. I can't get the Yinlips into Recovery mode. It says that you have to hold button R&U. Anyone else know what that means? Maybe...
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    Emulators On Yinlips

    After spending a couple of days with the new Yinlips ydpg18 (android 2.3.4) i have to say that emulation runs pretty well on it. These are the emulators that i have tried: - Ataroid - GameBoid (build in) - GBCoid (build in) - Gensoid (build in) - MAME4droid - N64oid (build in) - Nesoid...
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    Soundlag Kills The Yinlips

    Well, i recieved my Yinlips with android 2.3.4 on it so the new version. It's got like many people are saying a huge soundlag. This kills the fun of the Yinlips. Hopefully it's gonna get fixed. Edit: after spending some more time with the Yinlips it came to my attention that movies run with no...