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    Decompiling A .gpe

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but is it possible to decompile a gpe back to source even in a limited way ? I've been hunting around for something I did ages ago and have managed (by chance) to hunt down the gpe but the source seems to be long gone.
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    F100 Hardware Question

    I've been out of the 2X loop for a while because of having knackered hardware and so apologies if the answer to this is something obvious that I should know. I looked at my 2 broken 2X over weekend and in an attempt to see if I could get them to make 1 working one. I swapped the board from one...
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    Ergonomic Keyboards

    My favoured Microsoft keyboard at work semi-died the other week and I ended up using a cheapo Compaq one that was giving me a bit of grief in the old hands so I decided to try out a Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard and have started using it today. I read online that it takes people a while to get...
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    Open2x Toolchain Woes

    I've a feeling I might walk away from this thread with a red face but that will be ok so long as I can sort out the problem. Followed the wiki instructions apart from I was root when i extracted the toolchain, and I put the libpack in the relevant place as well. Looked at the setup...
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    Potentially Fried 2x Disaster

    Wasn't a very successful night with the 2X at my house last night, what with this and other issues. Popped the power supply in, switched the 2X on, the green light came on briefly and then went out. On closer inspection the voltage setting on the variable power supply had been set to 12V and...
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    Jeff Minter On Retrogaming

    Not a site I have ever visited before, but someone pointed me to an article there and while reading it i saw a click-thru to this Jeff Minter article, including some of his thoughts on retrogaming. Here's a taster : QUOTE Nostalgia...
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    Beer Pong

    No pre-amble, no build up, it doesn't need it so i'll let the video speak for itself.
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    Power Supplies For The 2x That Are Actually Useable

    I am currently using a MKII with an "official" power supply but things are that bad i am having to use Sellotape to make sure the damn thing doesn't keep falling out. Has anyone any recommendations for a power supply that actually stays in place ? (available in the UK ideally) It's getting to...
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    Kitchen Sink Demo (16k)

    My first effort with the demo framework can be found here . It's a simple thing but it's always good to get something on the board because then you can look back and either be pleased or frantically try to disassociate yourself from it. I wanted to do a 16K thing but it falls short of that at...
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    GP2X Bresenham / Any Line Drawing

    I have done a bit of searching to see if this has already been covered, but apart from some passing mentions i couldn't find anything (i am very tired and bleary eyed though so apologies if i missed it). Even though i have other ideas that i could probably pressing on with, i've decided of late...
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    Advert In Retro Gamer

    I bought my copy of August's Retro Gamer late this month so apologies for the "old hatness" of this thread (i've done a search and couldn't find a mention of this), but something in the ad caught my eye and i thought it might be a discussion point. Near the bottom of the ad "BitTorrent" is...
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    Fore 1.0

    "ack in 1982 2 young lads sat in front of small portable TV, typed LOAD "" and within a few minutes the way their minds worked changed forever. Back then videogames could do that. The game in question was Spectrum Golf by R & R Software and i include the spectrum files out of respect...
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    I know there is Freedroid2x but i was looking for something else today and stumbled across this : Written using cpp with SDL. Might be something for someone to have a go at if they are bored.
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    I started work on a simple, retro-type golf game this week, working title of FORE! Stealing a lot of ideas/code from a 20 year old game that will receive full credit on release The random hole generate is working fine, there's minimal graphics that will suffice, fonts are done and although i'm...
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    Throwing The Towel In

    I have very little time to myself due to the demands of real life, but the GP2X got me enthused enough to want to do a few little projects from start to finish I had never used SDL before so knocked something together fairly quickly that although very limited did work, and so you then start to...
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    Break Out Box And External Hdd

    A mate of mine is having the following problem GP2x-->BoB-->250G external HDD = no files seen the 250G HDD came pre-formatted and gets reported by windows XP as being FAT32 the GP2X works, the BoB works (tested using a card reader and SD combo connected to it) it is possible to use FAT32 on...
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    Gp2x Spares

    It's a long shot but is there anywhere that does cheap GP2X spares ? I've searched the existing threads on here and they mentioned the normal auction site, but that is more people selling full units and stuff freely available for download I've not overlooked craig, i'm just asking for other...
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    Life2x (vers0.1)

    My first ever SDL and GP2X thing so although it's not very sophisticated and won't be getting hammered by people like a MARIO clone would, i just wanted to check everything was working ok. I tested it on my own GP2X (1.2.1 firmware), and after i add some more comments i'll post up the source in...
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    Codeblocks, Straight C, No Errors - Wtf

    First of all i apologise for this thread. I'm at the point where it is going to take either fresh eyes or 48 hours of sleep to sort out what is probably a real glaring NOOB error. Background first : I've setup CobeBlocks so it will compile the GuyFawkes example, and it works on the 2x as a...
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    GP2X Dipped My Toe

    After wanting one for a good while i finally dived in and bought one and it came last week so thought i'd do a quick post. Unit came with 1.2.1 firmware on and i've kept it like that for the time being while i try a few things. As other threads have mentioned umpteen times the joystick isn't...