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    Vector Graphics Packages? "Xara Xtreme for Linux is a powerful, general purpose graphics program for Unix platforms including Linux, FreeBSD and (in development) OS-X. Formely known as Xara LX, it is based on Xara Xtreme for Windows, which is the fastest graphics program available, period...
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    Playing .swf On Gp2x ?

    Does the GP2X have a flash player available for it? And if not, would such a player be feasably ported. The reason why I ask this is because I'm in need of such a small flash capable device. I've been looking into IPaQ's etc but the GP2X looks a nicer all round system for my needs?
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    Should I Buy One Of These?

    I had a GP32 a couple of years ago, but sold it as I was flat broke at the time. I've subsequently started to earn mega bucks* and have been wondering if I should purchase a GP2X - I'm swaying. Never really been a gamer, other than for the Amiga which is the one machine I truely love. So here...
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    Amiga Party!!!

    Some of you may very well remember the Amiga - others may have heard of it but never had the fortune of using one. Edge magazine in its March 1999 Issue called the Amiga "The best PC in the world". It simply was. Light years ahead of its time in terms of design and functionality it was a good...
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    Gp32 Memory Expansion

    Ages ago some clever chap whos name has escaped me set about boosting the amount of Ram inside his GP32! Now IIRC he had found some pin for pin memory replacement - which ran at the same voltage and rate - but it required some software jiggery pokery... I'm very much a lurker here.. mainly pop...
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    Amiga Os 4 Demonstration, Newcastle

    Hi, A few of you are ex amiga users, and many of you have been crying out for an amiga emulator for the GP32. So Im posting this here if you are interested. AmigaOS4 (the latest incarnation of AmigaOS - the last major release being 10 years ago) is being demonstarted in newcastle upon tyne...
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    Political Compass

    The Political Compass Following on from the GPChristian thread in which some interesting points were raised (nowt like a devout athiest getting angry... ;) ) I thought that you may wish to partake in the political compass. Its very interesting - not so much for the test on there, but more due...
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    General yatta

    There is a chap on Ebay selling GP32 games for £35.00 - yet you can go to the respective sites and pay conciderably less. Likewise almost £192 for a stock FLU.. inc P&P. Wishfull thinkng me thinks.. Mind you Im looking for a FLU at the moment...
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    Selling Up

    I'm Flat Broke... and I hate eating baked beans... it pains me to do this.. But does anyone want to buy a GP32 non FLU ? It has a 32mb smart Media card, and MoviePark. Its in mint condition - three months old and hardly used. Still under warranty. £80 ex PandP..... or nearest offer. I need to...
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    Amiga Anyware

    Amiga have been working on a thing called Amiga Anyware. Basically its an SDK. The idea is that code written can run on any device. In order for this to work a HAL (hardware abstraction layer) sits on the machine in question, and interperets the code so that it will run on said device. The HAL...
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    image viewer idea

    How about an image viewer that is inteligent enough to catalogue your imagese by looking at THEM. What if I could draw a rough representation on screen of what the image looked like, and the viewer was inteligent enough to seek out its nearest match? As the GP32's USB is non powered hosting...
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    gigs of space :-) Topic called an idea - posted by me. I posted this in the wrong area. Sorry. But I think it would be a really cool thing to have :-) 40 gig hooked up to your GP32.. And its feasable as well - compared to a 128SMC :-)
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    GP32 An idea

    In work I've been given a Lacie 40gig pocket drive. It works off both Firewire, and USB. The Firewire also supplies power to the drive, for USB usage a seperate power adaptor is needed. The drives are about the same size as a GP32. Is there any way that this could be hooked up to the GP32 via...
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    I got my broadband working!

    I can finally use my GP32 cos I have a connection now!! Axe said I should havng here more often - so I am B)
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    Mac Monkey

    i'm pist off with the Amiga community at the moment. Its now degenerated to flame bait, and in fighting. I got me a GP32 and you guys seem to be having fun B) you seem to have the spirit the Amiga community once had :) The GP32 is a fantastic exciting bit of kit... Something cool and new to...
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    Gp32 and Mac link?

    I bought a GP32 in light of my mate Axemans post on Its pretty cool - and the girlfriend killed me when she found out I bought one.... In work I use a mac, at home I use an amiga and PC... Is there any mac based linked software? I spend more time in work than I do at home. Cheers, Rob.