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    A Petition For Uk Residents.

    Hello fellow UK citizens. I apologise thoroughly for taking up your time, but I have taken the liberty of drafting a petition asking the UK government to support the British games industry by funding gaming companies much in the same way as film companies are currently funded. I personally...
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    Dead Smc?

    My GP claims my SMC is empty, and my card reader claims it's not formatted. When I try to connect my GP to my PC, I get error messages. When I try to start up my computer with the SMC in the card reader, It gets stuck on the Windows XP logo. Dead SMC?
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    So Um... Those Giant Tv Projection Lens Things...

    Has anyone actually tried any of these giant TV lens thingies. I mean, I can see how they'd work, because they're just a camera obscura, but just how well do they work. Recon if I get one and a blackout curtain, I'd be able to play really big Halo 2?
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    A Level Results O_o

    Egads! In 12 Hours I'll be off to collect my A2 results and finding out if I got into uni. This calls for 12 hours of nerves, paranoia, diffidence, fear, self-loathing, etc...
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    Gah! Goddamned Keyboard!

    Can anyone remember how to change the keyboard settings from US to UK in windows XP, only mine's done one of those annoying switches to make " and @ swap over. Goddamned regional keyboards...
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    Hideo Kojima On The Next-gen Consoles...

    Taken from Boomtown
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    Compiling The Worst Cd Ever...

    For my birthday, a friend of mine gave me an out-of-date Coin Collector's magazine and a bag of aniseed balls, so, seeing as his birthday's on friday I'm giving him some photocopies/printouts of info about suicide, and the worst CD ever. Anyone got any suggestions for the worst CD ever? So Far...
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    Btefnet Taken Down

    I haven't been this down since woke up and smelled the trouble. The biggest release group for TV shows, BTefnet, has been pulled down by the MPAA (to which someone else seems to have stolen their domains, probably the MPAA with their fear-based anti-copying advertising pages like...
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    Japanese Rpg Announced For Xbox360

    Should be interesting, what with Sakaguchi heading up the team. Bet it still won't win them many points in Japan, though.
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    A Very Technical And Specific Technology Question.

    What do the blue wires in an ethernet cable do? What are they for, and what would happen if they were to become disconnected?
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    Another Ourcolony Pic, But This Time A Screenshot!

    If this is what I think it is, this could be one of the happiest days of my life.
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    100 Greatest Albums

    Well, the 100 Greatest albums thingy on channel 4 is well underway, and for once with one of these 100 Greatest things, I've absolutely no idea what's gonna be number one. So, any ideas?
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    Uk General Election 2005

    What with the general election coming up, theres bound to be a huge political discussion topic turning up sooner or later, so I thought I'd start the ball rolling with a huge poll :) . Also, is it just me, or does the UKIP logo remind you of Poundstretchers?
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    Special Editions Of Games

    Is it me, or is the sudden fad of releasing limited edition versions of games getting weak already. As far as I'm aware, the fad kicked off with Halo 2, which they released a Special Limited edition of which was in a tin box, and came with a crapload of 'the making of' stuff. This was all fine...
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    Name The Game Coverart

    WARNING: Image-heavy post. I've had this sitting on my photobucket for months; a guess the coverart game I made for another forum. Essentially it's fun, relatively easy, and something interesting to post while I'm supposed to be writing my History essays. With any luck there should be a big...
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    What Films Do You Want To Download For Your Gp32?

    Thought I'd actually give you people some say into the stuff that I'm going to upload to GP32 theatre :D. Most, if not all, of these things I have both lists of PD and sources for, so I can probably get some of everything without too much trouble, I just want to know what I should be getting...
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    Am I Allowed To...

    If anyone's been following my activity on the boards, THEN STOP STALKING ME <_< . If you haven't, however, and you haven't been to GP32 theatre lately, you probably won't have noticed that I've been working my arse off downloading Public Domain movies for conversion to the format that works in...
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    How Do You Get Drunk?

    Another night, another party, and another, pretty much totally sober time. I'm starting to wonder whether it's physically possible for me to actually get drunk. After 2 pints of Carling, a half of Stella, and a large Jack Daniels (on the rocks) I just gave up. As much as people will say 'drink...
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    Ah... Fiddlesticks!

    As a gamer, my tastes are pretty simple. I like worms games, almost anything made by sega, side-scrolling madcap 2D shooters, and Pirates!. Okay, that's an oversimplification of what I like, but it serves to explain my annoyance.... GAH! £104.96 in one day! Looks like I'm doomed to go...
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    The Coursework Wall

    I just hit the coursework wall at great speed. It's twenty to four in the morning. I haven't slept a wink; I haven't had time. I've been sitting up all night, writing the last piece of coursework that I will ever have to do for my school ever again, ever. I'm now 500 words off completion, BUT I...