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  1. NRV44

    My Pandora has yet to be shipped.

    My pandy is coming to my house on Tuesday! I cant wait! I'm getting my sd card ready and playin minecraft to pass the time (1.6 woot!) :lol: I strongly recommend upgrading to premium for the sole purpose of getting it in 7 days. They haven't missed a premium yet and you wont be disappointed...
  2. NRV44

    See the dragon working

    Alrighty, I cant wait for my Pandora just seeing you work on them makes my head explode, these are going to be the slowest 5 days om my entire life ^_^ .
  3. NRV44

    See the dragon working

    NYAN CAT FTW!!!! :lol:
  4. NRV44

    See the dragon working

    This is an awesome idea! I just bought my Pandora last Thursday i believe. I'm hoping to get mine this week. Go 7day Guaranteed shipping! Hope all is well with the team and keep it up with the awesome production! And 1 question, are u working on the premium's or the batch 1's ...