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    Using Arcade Controls Via Ext-port

    hi all, my gp2x-powered mini-mini-arcade machine is nearing completion :-) I have a nice Sanwa arcade stick, and arcade-buttons, connected to the GP2X via a min-IPAC into USB on the break-out-board. the joystick works fine in Mame :-) BUT... how in hell's name can I use the buttons??? I don't...
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    Mini Mame Cab Using An Ipac With Break Out Board

    I'm building a mini mame cabinet containing a GP2X (pictures soon, its not finished ;) ) Its using a real arcade joystick and buttons through an IPAC (from connected to the GP2X via a BOB like so: Joystick & Buttons -> IPAC -> Bob -> GP2X yeah, that may be a bit over complicated...
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    Swapping Sd Card Without A Power-off

    Basically I'm using Win98 so to copy files to my SD card I have to use a separate card reader. No problemo. However, I always switch off the gp2x before taking the card out, copy files onto it, put SD card back into gp2x, and THEN switch the gp2x back on. Is this really necessary? or is it...
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    Atari Lynx Emu Problems

    I'm having trouble running handy2x, the lynx emulator. I have checked the config file, made sure I have put everything in the correct directory, and that all the specified dirs exist on the sd card, and that it is all lower-case etc. I get as far as the rom requester, but whichever rom I...