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  1. Tenka

    Latest Topics links bring me to the last post.

    Or is this the way everyone else wants it?  I always liked using the Latest Topics links because they would bring me to the first post of the first page so I could freshly begin reading it.  Currently I afterward need to scroll to the top and click on page 1 every time.  I could be wrong, but...
  2. Tenka

    Top bar follows me down the page now. No, please!  I'll scroll to the top if I want to use that, I don't want it taking up screen area at all times!  Plus auto moving interactive page stuff in general always gets in my way.
  3. Tenka

    Speaking of ReactOS.

    Who else has been watching their Indiegogo campaign?  The comparison chart between 0.3 and the upcoming 0.4 is very vague, but I have been following ReactOS for long enough without any interesting release updates that I'm excited anyways.  Regretful that the partnership program pledge is so...
  4. Tenka

    What's a Laptop?

    I'm a little out of the loop, I haven't bought any already assembled computers in a long time.  I like buying parts which are each special for their own silly reasons and assembling them into a complete personality of a computer, but I can't really do that with a laptop.  I forgot that fully...
  5. Tenka

    Touchscreen has stopped working.

    Haha, yes it has!  I guess.  Hello community, my Pandora's touchscreen ability has stopped working at all.  There were no hickups before this, and I'm pretty sure it didn't sustain any physical damage.  Restarting and trying to calibrate it have not changed anything, but the touchscreen...
  6. Tenka

    Nub callibration problem, maybe.

    I have received a Pandora, I've sort of already announced that though.  I love it and playing each of the PSX Jurassic Park games on it, but having to remove my thumbs from the D-pad and buttons to press the R2/L2 keyboard buttons is kind of a drag.  I'm having a real problem though, my left...
  7. Tenka

    I'm seeking permission from myself to buy another one.

    I'm a little nervous about asking this question because I can imagine very bad reactions of other customers, but this idea is the most feelgood possibility for me I can think of.  What if, as a Craigix preorderer who is waiting in the 1GHz list, I buy another Pandora from EvilDragon, and then...