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  1. b_o_b

    Welcome to the updated site!

    My initial impression was that forum view is more busy but I am already getting used to it. So looks fine, and the best thing I've noticed is that it is very responsive (Firefox, Ubuntu). Played around with some other themes but think will keep using default.
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    Absurdism corner

  3. b_o_b

    Issue to update a PND to the repo

    Not working for me as well.
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    [Netherlands] Can you see flower fields in July?

    You should have to visit before end of may for the flower fields, June is already too late. There are spots where you can then take a picture with huge fields with Dutch windmills on the background. Come back next year ;) Not the same, but if you just like to see some nice flowers and plants...
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    Just finalized it on my GP2X F200 :) 83 levels (works fine on Ginge btw). Game does crash sometimes so saving in between is a must. Fun and relaxing game. For anyone who never played it and wants to give it a try:,0,0,0,25,1997
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    Absurdism corner

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    I need a new device. What is the best choice?

    What I really like are some of the homemade Rasberry Pi handhelds. Unfortunately most of them lack the quality needed. Case is usually not very well executed, gamepad / buttons are also a problem and battery life is lacking. That said, there is a ton of rpi information out there and this could...
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    I need a new device. What is the best choice?

    Correct. Link
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    C64 was just an example of an older device still being repaired by enthusiasts or companies. Pandora was still being sold by ED in 2016 so if your LCD or cable died in 2018 that is basically less than 2 years of support. I understand the reasons for that but still, something similar might also...
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    You can still repair a C64 from 1982 and get almost all components and even new motherboards. That kind of support is not available for the Pandora. Some of the issues: - The connector on the motherboard for the LCD cable broke off from one of my Pandora's, no motherboard replacement...
  11. b_o_b

    Is there a way to get a LCD cable?

    So it is just a matter of reaching out to companies or individuals and check the costs to make a very low quantity of cables and provide them these drawings? Maybe check on Ben Heck forums for ideas? Non commercial use of the...
  12. b_o_b

    GHZ Pandora can play Netflix with Android (maybe CC and Rebirth too)

    Nice to see it is still working :) You never how for long though.. only one update is needed to break it (seen that on several other 'closed' formats eg. Whatsapp/EverNote/Skype). Kodi 18 should be able to play Netflix as well and might be the best option for long time support...
  13. b_o_b

    Update Hatari 2.1.0

    Hope 2.2.0 solves the autosave/start functionality as well :) They seem to have updated something regarding saving snapshots: Improve memory snapshot save/restore reliability
  14. b_o_b

    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    Best way to contact Exophase is posting or PM here Wouldn't surprise me if ED is already/still in contact with him though.
  15. b_o_b

    F(x) Technology Android phone with a slide-out keyboard

    Another source. Guy from the development team (chenliangchen) posts in this thread.
  16. b_o_b

    Rebirth With Color Problems

    If it was very easy and/or cheap I think ED would have already done it, the first batch of cables were troublesome so quality also matters. That said, if ED doesn't want to do it and someone else with experience in this field wants to make them I certainly want to buy a couple of them...
  17. b_o_b

    Secure Skype alternatives ?

    Always like the objectives of retroshare, not very well known but still impressive - it has VOIP but not sure if it has multi-user voip.
  18. b_o_b

    Rebirth With Color Problems

    Without anyone providing LCD cables it can't be fixed anyway. ED has other priorities and doesn't seem to have time anymore to answer support questions or PMs. His shop and Pyra are more important. Not sure if it helps, but there is an option to connect a Pandora to a TV set with a TV out cable...
  19. b_o_b

    Rebirth With Color Problems

    Wasn't ED trying to purchase a new batch of LCD cables? The best thing about the products from ED are his long lasting support and that is also the main reason why I buy from him. I understand that you cannot provide customer support endlessly but Pandora's LCD cables was and is a known problem.
  20. b_o_b

    [SOLD] Pandora 1ghz

    I assume the price is in AUD and not USD? Economy shipping is not too bad to my location (Netherlands) 23 AUD. Seems like a very good deal if it is in AUD, even if the buyer needs to pay for shipment. I have enough Pandora's but still.. it was tempting.