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  1. TheOldOne

    Any Morrowind fans here..?

    I grabbed it just in case my discs and backups ever fail.
  2. TheOldOne

    Any Morrowind fans here..?

    The free Morrowind had been extended do to the issues yesterday. Also TES: Arena has been "free" for a few years but the download is often not obvious. Same with Daggerfall.
  3. TheOldOne

    Box86 - Linux Userspace x86 Emulator

    Well what I found is I need a new MicroSD card for my potato.
  4. TheOldOne

    Box86 - Linux Userspace x86 Emulator

    I was a Kickstarter backer. I've yet to get it working in 4k but that's not really a viable option for using it for anything more than kodi anyway
  5. TheOldOne

    Box86 - Linux Userspace x86 Emulator

    Now to load it up on my le potato.
  6. TheOldOne

    Exagear is dead

    I'll just use Box86, it will likely be better anyway.
  7. TheOldOne

    Could AMD A6-9220C be an SoC candidate?

    Wouldn't something from the AMD Zen "simi-custom" team be better for a future Pyra than anything Excavator based?
  8. TheOldOne

    Exagear is dead

    This is sad news.
  9. TheOldOne

    "Smach Z is Back!" ...?

    I still want a PGS!! Along with a cure for cancer and "bottled world peace" as long as we're importing from the "land of make believe"
  10. TheOldOne

    Back from Greece.

    What did I mess up? I'm sure I haven't broken anything important that I can recall.
  11. TheOldOne

    From Greece with love.

    I never wanted to run a cheese shop... I wanted to be.... A Lumberjack!!!!
  12. TheOldOne

    From Greece with love.

    I hope there's not any more issues but it looks like there will be.
  13. TheOldOne

    GPD MicroPC

    A pocket sized server crash cart, I could use one of those. The number of servers I've worked on that only had serial or ssh (and weren't talking to the network) is much higher than most people that don't work IT would expect. It would be nice if it could also work as a keyboard/touchpad/vga...
  14. TheOldOne

    Playstation Classic - Inc 20 games

    I own only 2 PS1 games, Dragon Warrior 7 (Dragon Quest in the rest of the world and for later US versions) and Metal Gear Solid 1 from the 1, 2 and 3 combo pack. PS1 wasn't a system I had or have much interest in beyond that.
  15. TheOldOne

    Playstation Classic - Inc 20 games

    But Sony says nobody wants classic games that's why they didn't put PS1 support in the PS4 even though it wouldn't cost them anything to add it. So are they full of BS or is PS1 support coming to the PS4? My guess is the former.
  16. TheOldOne

    Tests, tests, and more tests.

  17. TheOldOne

    Upcoming games you are looking forward to?

    Dragon Quest XI!!!!! And Elder Scrolls VI
  18. TheOldOne

    PGS: Console/Smartphone hybrid for PC games...

    I will quote one of my posts from the other thread Edit: and some other good ones
  19. TheOldOne

    GPD WIN 2

    I have a question about the m.2 port. Does it implement the 2 PCIe lanes of the b-key specification thus allowing nvme drives with b+m key to be used? It also specifies usb, audio, I^2C ect but none of those would be useful for a primary boot device interface.
  20. TheOldOne

    Something has gone wrong.

    I want an indestructible Pyra but adamantium would be to heavy so I'll settle for Mythril.