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  1. DavidBowman

    Pandora OS Vs Android

    It kind of hurts me deep down inside when I think about many things - that were beyond anyone's control in this project - could have gone better and the long-lasting negative effects those things have caused. But then I also feel something more powerful than that for this great bit o' kit that...
  2. DavidBowman

    Release PCSX ReARMed, with a new GPU

    All I have to says is, "Wow."
  3. DavidBowman

    2 Months..... umm, weeks to go (2012-02-06)

    You rang? But seriously, you're right. What more can be done that hasn't already been done? The situation sucks, but it sucks more for none other than ED. He's still going to fulfill his promises. Most people would have quit long ago.
  4. DavidBowman

    Release PCSX ReARMed, with a new GPU

    I know I'm coming really late to this thread, but I just want to thank notaz again and also thank Exophase for his contribution to this as well! As always, I'm floored by the world-class quality of this emulator!
  5. DavidBowman

    Pandora in Popular Science magazine

    I totally agree: that bit about legality is unnecessary. All the same, how very cool that this made such a nice publication. I hope everyone is well. I see things are still getting better all the time!
  6. DavidBowman

    Investments, Production start, preoderings and a wish (2011-10-02)

    Oi! Lots of stuff going on, I see. I'm very proud of everyone involved in the OpenPandora Project. You've all done a great job keeping it going through all the problems. I'm glad to see that the project will survive, and I'll be happy to order another Pandora (given slightly different specs...
  7. DavidBowman

    Red Neck Red Hat

    A whole mess o' other picatures:
  8. DavidBowman

    Absurdism corner

    This is worth watching all the way through, but it gets going at about 1:30 -
  9. DavidBowman

    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    Truly, Notaz, your programming skill is the stuff of legends! Thank you again!
  10. DavidBowman

    Spotify Invites

    Thanks for the invite!
  11. DavidBowman

    Goodbye and Good Luck

    The LAST thing that this project needs is even more bad press and detractors. So yes, that website needs to either be taken down or modified if the team can't deliver on the 7-day promise, for whatever the reason may be.
  12. DavidBowman

    British songstress, Amy Winehouse found dead.

    I can't argue with that. Not one bit.
  13. DavidBowman

    The Communication Cube

    I enjoyed this, thanks!
  14. DavidBowman

    Absurdism corner

  15. DavidBowman


    What's an iTouch? :P
  16. DavidBowman

    Starcraft 2?

    I played it briefly, but it didn't hold my attention. Perhaps if it hadn't taken Blizzard 10 years to get it out I would have been able to keep my focus on it. I did want to know how things ended up, but I didn't want to play through it is what it comes down to.
  17. DavidBowman

    WiFi, tests and CircuitCo (2011-06-17)

    If I had a dollar for every request for a weekly update... Thank you as usual. We always appreciate your communications.
  18. DavidBowman

    Well, it's been a good month

    Truly, you've both done a great job for us. So thank you!
  19. DavidBowman


    27, but still a kid at heart! I use my Pandora mostly as a toy. I never take the time to do anything really cool with it as other things demand my attention these days.
  20. DavidBowman


    Right on. I wish I was better with a soldering iron.