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  1. Christoph.Krn

    Diskussion zu "Pandora erhalten? -> Bestellnr. hier eintr.!"

    Ich hab damals meine Mod-Rechte an der Tür abgegeben, als ich zum englischsprachigen Forum gewechselt bin. Hat jemand Lust, für mich durch die ganzen posts zu gehen und die ganzen <i> </i> zu löschen? :D Die haben sich beim Umzug dazwischengeschmuggelt.
  2. Christoph.Krn

    Forenindex - Allgemeine Diskussion

    Ich hab damals das deutschsprachige Forum verlassen, weil ich nicht mehr so viel Zeit dafür hatte und als diese Seite hier kam eher diese besucht hab. Aber der Forenindex hat ja doch über eine halbe Million Aufrufe. Jetzt wo die Foren vereint sind, wollte ich deswegen noch mal fragen, ob ihr...
  3. Christoph.Krn

    Welcome to the updated site!

    That's right! I remember that. :D I think it's great that the boards have been merged. Following both at no extra cost! How about a French and Japanese section, too? Sometime before the Pyra release, anyway. There's one thing that I think we would want to discuss, these boards now have a...
  4. Christoph.Krn

    We need more drama. So here's another video.

    Uh, wait.. what?
  5. Christoph.Krn

    The Game of Likes (Split from some thoughts thread) (Update)

    Oof, finally: The Illinois Artist Behind Social Media’s Latest Big Idea
  6. Christoph.Krn

    Pandora PNDManager

    @Magic Sam Also, here are links to pndm-uielements and guihints for Pandora - release announcements (or go to )
  7. Christoph.Krn

    Ask the Dragon!

    The name is Craig Rothwell ( ). He accepted Padora orders from many people, and unlike with EvilDragon, many of those orders remained unfulfilled by @craigix . He also did other things that some people may say could be ... not good.
  8. Christoph.Krn

    Server Upgrade

    I think this may give you a better idea of what's going on (edit: If we're talking about the webpages):
  9. Christoph.Krn

    Back from Greece

    The rim from the lid top part I think wouldn't matter much. The inner part directly around the screen does.
  10. Christoph.Krn

    Back from Greece

    Whatever you do, you should try making the inside of the lid (the area directly adjacent to the screen) just black. That actually improves the display quality to the observer.
  11. Christoph.Krn

    Is there really a light at the end of the journey...?

    But you're a Staff Member, get it back on the rails...?
  12. Christoph.Krn

    Is it possible to refund just one of my 20 euro shop vouchers?

    Why? This doesn't make any sense to me.
  13. Christoph.Krn

    Pyra Prototype Videos - Askarus Edition

    That'd be great.
  14. Christoph.Krn

    free PC games (steam)

    I've always wanted to try Brutal Legend and The Stanley Parable... And I've never played Psychonauts yet, either.
  15. Christoph.Krn

    Desktop with 200W of _passive_ heat dissipation

    There is currently a Kickstarter campaign for a more capable variant (GeForce GTX 1080):
  16. Christoph.Krn

    Local forums?

    You know, I've thought about this for a while. I think it cannot be solved theoretically. On a case-by-case basis, why shouldn't local board sections actually provide a benefit, for everyone? The German and English boards in particular were nicely running along in parallel for years, so there's...
  17. Christoph.Krn

    Is it just me, or do these boards have a serious problem?

    So... Every time I come here to check up on the latest developments, I have no other choice than to notice just how difficult it is to actually follow what is happening in terms of the Pyra hardware (and actually, the software too, unless you know where to look). There are so many small pieces...
  18. Christoph.Krn

    apps vs packages focus of the repo

    Your question concerns the user's ability to grasp what exactly it is that the repository delivers, down to the level of an individual entry. Because both concepts, Package and App, do exist and will not go away, I would first try to make the distinction between these two understandable in an...
  19. Christoph.Krn

    Pictures, Videos and thoughts of a Pyra dev-prototype

    I can not leave this unanswered. I usually write private messages more than I write publically. I would have been glad about being heard in regard to how I think things can be improved. (Before you say "you should have made a public discussion", well, let's just say that that was one of the...
  20. Christoph.Krn

    Pictures, Videos and thoughts of a Pyra dev-prototype

    The organization of this forum has been extremely bad for /years/. I think so many people here have just gotten used to the extreme on-topic/off-topic ratio in many threads, it has become the norm to not care a lot. At least for me, this thread is FAR from the only one where it doesn't seem...