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    Hi, new game released : a new sqrxz have fun!
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    Hi, I released a new game for the GP32 : CubeX A 3D remake of CuberXtreme (a mix betwwen sokoban & vexed). The file is available at pdroms : Thor
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    New Chess Game

    I ported Fruit 2.1 (fabien letouzey) chess engine to GP32 with a simple front end. (See and Port based on DSChess (Boris von Loesch, Bin & sources available on my website :
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    Wip Adic 2k4 : No Time To Finish For The Deadline

    Parts of the game I was preparing for ADIC (but no time to finish it before the end of the month). First part : Yeti based (128x128 256 colors textures) & MD2 based animated ennemies. Second Part (press START to skip the first one) : Shoot (WWII style) with 3D ships on a 2D map (sort of planet...
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    GP32 Sprites Archive

    If, like me, you think you know to code but you're drawing like a monkey have a look at this website : a lot of sprites to make your devs faster ! Thor
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    Animation Test

    Yo ! As my website is down (as usual), I post my animation test here. It's a more "interactive" and "game oriented" demo. I don't know if it will become a public game (but surely a private one). A: zoom in B: zoom out Left : go back Right go ahead Up : jump Down : crouch Down+(left or right)...
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    Gprun For Windows

    Hello, Here's a windows version of mithris's "gprun". really usefull with multifw2(spiv)/pclink(darkfader) to test gxb files for dev. GP32 USB windows part by Ishani. Thor
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    Kof91 V1.4

    Hello, Version 1.4 of KOF91 is available here (thanx to gp32spain): 1. Install KOF1.3 full package if it's not already done. 2. Replace/add files to your KOF91 folder (skins...) 3. Change...
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    Kof 91 V1.4 Beta

    Becareful : it crashes sometimes (more often using intro/ending intros, so disable them in config menu). What's new ? Full screen Jump over Faster loadings Demo mode (starting when waiting too much on title screen) Please, send me your feedback on this version (mail or forum). Thor
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    Kof 91

    Yes, but my diagonals don't work anymore testing hadokens 100 times each day... I can get specials (rush & smove) quite easily (but I know the code and how it's managed...). Thor
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    Kof91 V1.3

    Yo! New version hosted by vimacs : (update) (sources) (full release) what's new ? speed, better memory management...
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    KOF91 v1.2

    Hello, KOF91 v1.2 is out. It includes ZIP support, loadings optimisations and the possibility to set the background for each character (read the readme file). Find it here (be quick, as my website is often unavailable): and sources...
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    KOF91 1.2 beta

    KOF91 1.2 beta ZIP SUPPORT !!!!! You were waiting for it ? Now, it's here. Don't forget rules on zip : Put zip files in GPMM\KOF91\SPRITES Zip file name must be the same than the directory it contains (if it contains a directory, as it's not mandatory). Zip file name must be the same than...
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    KOF91 v1.1

    Yo ! Better speed (I think, but I'm not sure), some fixes, new font (thanks to Falken80 and FagEmul), foregrounds, config menu... : Update (fxe+readme+new data) : Sources:
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    KOF91 v1.1 beta

    Hello, Config menu (R button in main menu) : Enable/disable some features Overclock Set frameskip Set buttons Thor
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    KOF91 v1.0

    Yo! Time for first real public version : (6.7mb) once again, many thanks to vimacs who host this version (my website is really ko now). "FXE only" update available on gp32spain or here ...
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    KOF91 fcs

    Near the end...really stability, animated backgrounds. Sources & final release next monday Thor
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    KOF91 beta 2

    try this now : and tell me what you think about it. Thor PS: if the link does not work, I will be pleased to email this new version to someone who can publish it on his website.
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    Hello, I'm porting the KOF91 2D fighting game engine. It's the first "playable" version. A bit slow, musix must be changed, but it begins to be fun. KOF91 is a MUGEN ancestor. You can add characters, background, change musix... Find it here :