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  1. eyecreate

    Pandora board upgrade

    Hey guys! I've been having upgrading my board on the back of my mind for about a year. I decided to look again recently and have found the price has dropped a bit. So I'm here now looking for opinions on what I should do. Here are some pros/cons to the upgrade prefixed with options I could...
  2. eyecreate

    [New Ported Game] Griffon Legend

    Here's my entry for the A&K compo. Saw this game when checking out the GCW-Zero and thought it should have a home on the Pandora also. A challenging and fun retro action game. I've also attached the source for this entry.(I'm proud of the fact I kept it cleaner than most my other ports.) The PND...
  3. eyecreate

    SDL 1.2 scaling options

    I'm working on porting a SDL 1.2 game that was coded to render at 320x240. I saw some online discussion about using rotozoom to scale and blit onto another larger video surface, but wasn't sure a) if this is the best way for performance or B) there is another solution that doesn't require...
  4. eyecreate

    char[] sigsegv?

    I'm trying to compile a C program for the pandora. Doing some debugging, it seems to throw a sigsegv on function entering when the function has a char [] variable in it. Also, whenever I inspect using gdb command "info locals", most the variables in the function are empty, but the char[]...
  5. eyecreate

    Release FreedroidRPG beta

    To celebrate Diablo 3, here's a first release of FreedroidRPG for the pandora. Both opengl and vorbis are disabled due to porting to opengles needed for the first(not sure what kind of performance change it would give) and a bug for the second(which may yield some sounds unplayable..idk..I'm...
  6. eyecreate

    Release Qt Creator with nowhere to go

    I started trying to combine stuff from the C++ pnd and qtcreator I compiled to get something useful, but haven't achieved that yet. I eventually want a nice pnd so I can use the nice Qt Creator tools right on the pandora like the C++ dev tools pnd already has set up, but getting the tools to...
  7. eyecreate

    Release Aria Maestosa - minimal midi/notation

    I've been wanting this app for a while but have had issues compiling it. Thanks to the creator, I found the issue and now have a pnd for you! It requires currently both timidity daemon and timidity sounds(both separate pnds) as the program itself has no sound output.(relies solely on alsa midi...
  8. eyecreate

    Release Mumble client

    After little sleep last night, I finally have a working version of Mumble for the pandora! It took a bunch of coaxing and I had to disable some features, but the necessary parts are there still. What you don't have: * overlay * 1.1 support * server * pulseaudio (cause we use alsa)...
  9. eyecreate

    Release Trelby Screenwriting

    I know I ported Celtx over last year, but when I stumbled across this recently, I felt it would be more at home on the Pandora than Celtx. The interface is minimal, so on smaller screens like ours, it gives more room for the work. Let me know how this works out...
  10. eyecreate

    Release Dukto File Transfer Utility

    Why a Dukto? Because you like transferring files! I've enjoyed using this on my home network to transfer things between computers. Now I can add my Pandora to the list of device to easily transfer between.
  11. eyecreate

    sd card corruption

    Has anyone had issues with the partitions on their sd cards becoming corrupted more than would seem normal? This happened to me today for the fourth time in less than a year, forcing me to do partition recovery.(and subsequently, losing some of the data)
  12. eyecreate

    building wxPython with same unicode type

    I've come across an issue while using wxPython for the pandora. I usually use Yactfeau for building, but I get a problem with the wxPython compiled files because the Pandora had python built with ucs2 and ubuntu's python is built with ucs4. Which options would be the most effective way to handle...
  13. eyecreate

    Release musescore beta pnd

    Just in time for the holidays, I have gotten a beta pnd of musescore. I have been wanting to get a music notation app onto the pandora, but not many cooperated with me when compiling. It mostly works except for a few rouge segfaults and the qtscript plugin system. Also, it has the same seq...
  14. eyecreate

    Translation help needed for Zelda Solarus DX

    This past Friday, 1.0 of Zelda Solarus DX was released. I was about to compile it for the pandora, but realized it was only in French at the time. Anyone here know French and English and willing to help in the translation effort? Translation effort here...
  15. eyecreate

    wxgtk and wxstring link problems

    This seems to be a common problem when googling when compiling wx apps, but I can't seem to figure out what's wrong. undefined reference to `wxStringBase::InitWith(wchar_t const*, unsigned int, unsigned int)' undefined reference to `wxString::mb_str(wxMBConv const&) const' undefined...
  16. eyecreate

    Release SuperTuxKart - needs TLC

    I did a quick port of supertuxkart using the cloudef version of Irrlicht I was using for Minetest. It has lots of freezing/glitches along with other major issues. There aren't any errors that get listed in the log and most of what I've gotten from gdb seems unhelpful. I'm putting up the PND here...
  17. eyecreate

    Don't know why I even tried: TBoI on the Pandora

    After being surprised to find Gnash 0.8.10 played The Binding of Isaac on my laptop, I was curious how it'd play on the pandora. Well, as sadly expected of flash games, it didn't fare too well. I had to hold some buttons down for many seconds to even see on screen movement. (I even tried out the...
  18. eyecreate

    Release Egaku Sensei drawing game

    I just finished a first build of my drawing game for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Feel free to test it and give feedback. You can find the pnd on the repo. Description: Practice drawing with ponies! See if you can get your artwork to pass your teacher's standards.
  19. eyecreate

    Release Umbrello UML Modeller

    After many hours of work, I've gotten a mostly working Umbrello. I use this a lot on my computer and have been wanting this forever for my Pandora. PND is not on the repo because I made it cry with my pitiful pnd. http://www.mediafire...bsfjiactnobwdgk Issues that exists: Technically, in...
  20. eyecreate

    Tutorial on Compiling Qt

    Backstory: Ok, so here is my steps needed to get a working Qt build for the pandora(I was building 4.7.4). Required items: yactfeau VM: internet acces for source File changes listed in step 2 Step 1: Download the source, luke. You can...