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    Playasia Coupons

    Hi everyone, I have two PlayAsia Coupons for 5$ off any 50$ and up order. I'll give them out to the first two PMs and ask you to use my affiliate link in return, which costs you nothing. The coupons expire on april the 14th and may the 5th. Please request them only if you actually want to place...
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    Region Free 360

    So I have a PAL Xbox 360. I like it. However, there are several NTSC games that I want to play on it so I need to disable to region check. And yes, I know some NTSC games work on PAL consoles, those that I want do not. So... is there any way to disable the region check?
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    Recommend Me Some Coop Games For The Xbox 360

    The title says it all. I`m not only going for the 360 here, if there's a good Xbox game that runs on the 360, let's hear it. I mainly played coop ego shooters, but really anything is good. RPGs would be great, too, but I know that's not really the Xbox's strong point.
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    I have a load of HG:L Beta Keys I don't need. If anybody wants one just tell me.
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    Old Joysticks On New Pcs

    I got back into Amiga emulation after once again finding out that my beloved first computer does not work at all anymore (still I try again every 6 months, getting disappointed every single time) and I am incredibly pissed off by the lack of nostalgic joysticks. Those newfangled doohickeys are...
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    Now That's Really Secure!

    Yesterday I bought a "Computerbild Spiele", a really bad magazine that I wanted because they had Sacred on their DVD and 4,50€ is an acceptable price. Installing the game I noticed that I did not have a serial number in my magazine and neither was there one on the DVD. No siree, they actually...
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    Thinking About An Xbox 360

    So with the price reduction looming near (and me thinking about Ninja Gaiden, Kameo, Gears of War and a lot more) I was thinking about buying an Xbox 360. I decided on the Premium/Standard version... the core is a joke and the elite version has stuff I don't need. As I have not kept up with the...
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    I Bought Far Cry: Vengeance For The Wii

    Does anyone have this game? Is this actually playable? I got it on an opening sale today, paid 30€ and thought it would be a good deal for a nice shooter. Man, this game is bad! Was this control scheme designed for anything but to piss me off? You press and hold A to stop the camera from moving...
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    Java Problem

    So we have quite some coders here, maybe one of you can help me with my problem.... Here are my Variables: CODE int a[] = new int[10]; String s[] = new String[10]; Random die = new Random(); And here are two "fors": CODE for ( int index = 1; index <= 10; index++ ) { a[index] =...
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    Postal The Movie I have to admit, it looks a lot better than his other crap, but then again my last X-rays looked a lot better than Boll's movies. Of course Boll is known to beat his critics senseless so maybe I'd better stay on his good side ;) I'm interested what Boll does...
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    Your Idiotic Deed For Today

    Early in the morning. I get up, cursing the day god invented 6 AM. Not quite awake yet, but aware that 3 hours of sleep are not much at all. A fuzzy world of darkness exists around me, I only find my way out of my room by instinct. The flow of time is inconsistant.... I know there is a world...
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    An Open Letter To My Mother

    Dear mother, I value you and thank you for the gift of life. However..... the next time a friend gives a REALLY GREAT recipe for a REALLY TASTY drink that consists of 30 pieces of garlic and five lemons I swear to god I will lock you in the living room where you can frolick with your garlic all...
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    Not Magus.

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    Ps3 Delayed So basically Europe gets the PS3 in March 2007. Hey, we might pay more, but at least we'll get it later! I think this will pretty much destroy a lot of Sony's income. Afaik Halo 3 will be out by this time, giving more incentive to...
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    Import Gaming On The Ps2

    So I bought a cheap PS2 (the older, bulkier version) because my mother wanted to play Singstar and looking around a little I find several import games that I would be interested in. However, for some reason, Satan invented region protection. I was looking at my options for some time and and...
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    Trace Memory

    I just got Trace Memory for the DS and eagerly opened the booklet. I was kinda surprised to see the many mistakes in it. Jessica's Description ends in mid-sentence and starting at page 15 the symbols are printed over the text. Also, on page 17, there is something that looks like a pink smudge...
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    Ds Games On Ebay

    I am currently looking for Trauma Center on the DS and came across several copies on ebay. Most of them are sent from Hong Kong, are very cheap and sold by people with very high feedback. Now I wonder if it would be wise to buy one. Are there already DS bootlegs out there or are there others...
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    Ds Protection

    I want to buy a DS and I now I wonder if they actually have regional protection. I know that so far no Nintendo handheld has a lockout chip or similar, but I don't want to take a chance ;) Also, how about GBA games? It only plays GBA games, as far as I know, but no Gameboy Mono or Colour games...
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    Super Mario Rpg

    Hi everyone, my girlfriend got me SMRPG:LOTSS today, however I can't get it to run. I have a PAL-SNES, modded to output 50Hz or 60Hz. I tried the Super Adaptor/Super Key and the Fire Adaptor - no luck, I'm only getting a black screen, no sound. I tried both, 50 and 60 Hz. I know that Super Mario...
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    Interesting Habits

    Anyone here got any interesting habits he wants to share? I just sneezed and my father reminded me that I sometimes do this strange hand motion.... a little hard to describe, but here goes ;) Sometimes, when I sneeze and feel it coming, I extend my thumb, forefinger and middlefinger while all...