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    Uae4all Overclock Crash

    Yes, the cracktros. I remember some of those being SO very cool back in the day! Heck, I recall with great fondness the demos on the Amiga 1000 that got me to ditch my plans for an Apple ][gs - especially the Juggler. :D Yeah, I figured something like that (I remember ESC or SPACE being the...
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    Uae4all Overclock Crash

    My next stupid question is, how do you get past Red Sector demos? I need to play Gianna Sisters!! :o
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    Uae4all Gp2x 0.6.0 First Release With Integrated Fame/c

    Any overclocking fades to white (crashes) my Mk.II w/ 2.0 firmware. Have run Defender of the Crown successfully (slow) with no gmenu overclocking. Version of UAE is 0.6.2 I just want to say - this is GREAT STUFF, and I intend to donate to the cause - THANK YOU!
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    Uae4all Overclock Crash

    Right. So, which 'fm' mentions this? I did a search before I asked the question. I didn't find the overclocking post. To the others, thanks! Quite happy to wait for updates. This is a sweet looking emu and as a former avid Amiga owner and game collector, I'm ALL over it - Paypal donation time!
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    Uae4all Overclock Crash

    I can't seem to overclock my new MkII (got it a week ago) via uae4all's overclocker. I'm running the latest version that I downloaded from the site this morning. When I set any speed, the LCD wigs/fades to white and that's it. Can't seem to figure out what's up.
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    I Just Got My Gp2x!!!

    Got my GP2X yesterday, as I'd sold my trusty GP32 the week before along with a bunch of other older stuff. I've been told I need to 'consolidate'... (sniff) so this is how I balance out dumping my Turbo Express, Nomad, Lynx and others. My PSP and DS Lite still lurk in my shoulderpack, tho...
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    Which Games Actually Work?

    OK, so we're at the 4MB limit... But which games work? Strangely, I don't get any solid info on this from the 'games' sticky thread, so I'm asking it here.
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    Gp32 Arrives...

    The Korean only pops up in the Free Launcher (when I try to run something, it spits out Korean). (?)
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    Gp32 Arrives...

    I registered because that's what the included CD manual told me to do, and what the FAQs say to do. I ran PC-Link, signed on, etc. You ever get something and try to do everything the instructions say so you don't mess it up? That's what I did. As for the firmware, I assume it's Korean because...
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    Big Famicom Cart Assortment!

    Note that SOME of these are probably Chinese editions (not 'bootlegs'). Carts I suspect to be non-Japanese are marked with an '*'. LOOSE: Spelunker II* 1942 Bomber King* Elevator Action* Kunio Kun* Contra* TJC-N3 "Dodgeball" Soccer Kung Fu* Tower of Druaga* RC821 Salamander (Lifeforce) Moero...
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    Gp32 Arrives...

    Been playing with the GP32 for a little bit, now. Got the PCE and MD/Gen emus on there, got everything authorized/registered and such. Haven't flashed it - might now. It came with Korean firmware, so not sure on that (came from Spain). ANYWAY. I've got scads of handhelds - PC Engine GT/Turbo...
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    Fried Cpu With Emulator?!

    That was it! I used some Panasonics I had in my GameGear and the problem vanished. Wow, that was a big relief. LOL Thanks for the help, guys. gp32_console gp32_console gp32_console
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    Fried Cpu With Emulator?!

    See edit - audio related. WTF is the problem?? Bad audio hardware? But it wasn't doing this before...
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    Fried Cpu With Emulator?!

    I ran the latest [emu name removed by pix since it wasn't the cause of my problems], trying the faster version -- the screen started getting jittery and had a kind of 'low refresh' static effect. Reset, tried the slower one. Same problem. NOW when I run the PCE emu (which worked fine before), I...
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    Pc-link And Setup Problems

    I installed 'GP32 MANAGER' from the CD and then installed the 'PC-LINK' (which seem like different revs of the same app) from the main GP website. I have authenticated/registered my unit, but I can't seem to install things or do basic file management or setup of the initial directories. I keep...
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    GP32 Art Ho Available Here

    I'm an artist. Did SNES, Genesis & GB games back in the day -- now doing portable games for phones and such. Been on some PC and PS1 and recently PS2 games, but lo-res is my life. Try me. I have samples - plus I did the 'skin' for the Lynx emu on PPC (now sort of orphaned, but you get the...
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    Screenshots Of The Flu And Blu In Action!

    Dude... :blink: Those pics of your, er, girlfriend... Um.
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    Gp32 Blu Is A Ripoff

    When you have nothing better to do but wait for all the games (like Neverwinter Nights and Duke Nukem) Tapwave announced way back in October 2003 that have yet to appear... Well, I can see why Zod owners might be getting uppity. ;)
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    Official Gp32 Vs Other Handheld (zodiac, Etc.)

    One new wrinkle I hadn't been aware of before is the Tapwave mandated approval process that requires all (even homebrew) programs to be 'signed' before release. What a tremendous load of horse crap. Who do they think they are, Sony and Nintendo? IMHO, the Zodiacs both need to be dropped a full...
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    Lucky Blu Owners, C'mon Show Yer Stuff!

    They (Futura-Online) got my zip code mixed up, and now my BLU is in... Hawaii. They claim it'll be here tomorrow - who knows. I'm guessing Saturday at this point. I'll post some nice pics, then.