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    The mobile version of the boards

    You should check it out.
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    Looking For Design And Branding Suggestions

    As you should have noticed by now (because of my frequent rants, etc.), I've developed a web application that fills the function as an "app store", aka. a source of PND files and applications. I started this project a couple of weeks ago, and have been cramming in features ever since then as...
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    P X M L Archetype

    There has been recent discussion about PXML chaos, so I hereby introduce an archetypical PXML file that is to be used as a base for as many PND files as possible. If you follow the guidelines outlined in the comments of this PXML file, you are "safe", meaning that your PXML won't be broken...
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    Ok, Guys

    So, I felt like downloading some PNDs from the Pandora AppStore, right? You know, just some random files to be used for testing purposes in my Box webapp. So I uploaded them to the app, and can you guess what I discovered? (Hint: the app validates all PNDs when they are uploaded) Some of the...
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    The Box

    So here we go again... I've basically made a web app that is quite powerful and fast, and that is used to host Pandora applications (as PND files). It is by no means finished yet, but the foundation that I've made is quite powerful. So, why would I use this instead of the app store? Simple...
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    Beta Box

    Hello everyone, This Sunday, I was talking to craigix about appstores and such. Long story short, I decided to create my own implementation of an application management webapp as an experiment and just for fun. After a couple of days of hacking, I ended up with something that was quite nice; the...
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    Pandora Pandora Open Embedded Tree

    Hey, just wondering if someone could post their "tree/build/conf/local.conf" file for the "official" Pandora image. I don't want to choose the wrong machine name, distro version, the wrong recipes, and so on, and would appreciate if there was an "official" conf somewhere. Also, do I have to use...
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    Pandora About Floating Point On The Pandora

    OK, I know that this has been mentioned and discussed before, but there's never been a general consensus on the subject, nor a centralized source of information. I therefore want to put a few specific questions out there that I hope will be answered quickly, so that this thread can get a quick...
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    Pandora Wallpapers Mega Pack

    I've taken all of the wallpapers (there are a total of 176) and put them in one single ZIP, for your convenience. It's just a complete dump of all images; they are of course of varying quality and so on. I've remastered (in the case of JPEGs) and recompressed (in the case of PNGs) some of...
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    Before reading this post, PLEASE note that this is beta software. There's a reason why I put this in the Developer's Corner Introduction OK, so I have this weird thing that I do. When I have a problem that I want to solve, I tend to reinvent the wheel, but not in the classical sense. I find...
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    Pandora Pandora Button Mappings

    I read the following: ...and thought: Those mappings are OK, I guess, but they'll give me problems (and probably others as well). Situation: I'm trying to create a simple app in GTK/Qt. I do NOT have access to the SDL_input API so I can't use the macros defined in SDL (...or can I? What...
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    Pandora Basics - Running Mame On A Dev Setup

    . Discuss.
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    Hack-Free Flash Videos On The Pandora

    As we all know, we probably won't get a working Flash player any time soon on the Pandora. Still, many of you will want to watch YouTube videos (and videos from other sites), right? Well, I've found a way to achieve this, without lag, without massive memory usage, and as integrated as it can...
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    Who's Still Interested In The Pandora?

    I'm actually interested in knowing. Unlike the other poll out there, this is a neutral one. As you can see, I've voted for option 3, as I don't want to share my opinion.
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    Clearing Up Some Misconceptions

    This post should just serve as a small shout-out to all developers who plan on releasing some kind of application for the Pandora. I've taken a look around at various implementations of PND-related software, and they all seem to have one thing in common: their PXML (a file type related to the...
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    Some Pandora Publicity

    Mention of the Pandora at about 42:02 in this video. Yeah. I'm not telling you all this because it's interesting or anything, but rather for the reason that it would be good not only to push the Pandora towards consumers, but also towards developers. I'm talking about the kind of developers who...
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    Pandora Frameworks On The Pandora

    Let's assume for a second that I'm writing an application for the Pandora, and I want to be a Good Linux Citizen™ and use various standard frameworks/libraries instead of rolling my own (and if YOU don't want to do this too, then YOU are the cause of Linux's fragmentation and...
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    What's Happening To

    Exciting new stuff coming? Hacking attempt? What's happening? EDIT: Oh, just the new header... Now I'm disappointed. Am I the only one who spams F5 frequently enough to notice stuff like this?
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    The Software Infrastructure

    Hello everyone, I once again thought about the software management on the Pandora, and have some basic questions (NOT about the PND system, please refrain from talking about it!). All of these questions are related to various problems that I've seen in other open source projects, and I...
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    Kde On The Pandora

    I read an interesting article the other day: Link Read the "KDE and Plasma on ARM" part and related links. I previously thought that porting KDE to the Pandora, something I considered doing myself, would be a difficult task and that the result would be horribly slow and buggy, but it now turns...