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  1. Kangal

    A Pandora-Copy? Is it me, or does this show too much similarities to the OPandora?
  2. Kangal

    Anyone Seen This?

    Youtube Thread Basically the GameGripper (or gg) for the N900. Looks like a very competitive alternative to the Pandora with still weak-points; No nubs No Shoulder buttons Inferior tactile feel of buttons What are your thoughts?? (and no I'm not going to open another pointless poll)
  3. Kangal

    Official Games For The Pandora

    Firstly I'm sorry if the title was a little misleading. Now that's behind us, I was thinking about a project. It is to develop a games engine that is feature-packed and able to run fullspeed. From this, there will be an official game developed to show people how to make their own game from it...
  4. Kangal

    What Was Your Gaming History?

    What was your Gaming history? be as descriptive as you can to show the evolution of video games. edit your post when you remember other classic games you haven't listed its Off topic, but with all the negativity in the threads recently, I thought we'd need it as icebreaker Here's mine: When I...
  5. Kangal

    Possible Tv-Out With Usb-Hdmi

    Because of the PS3 push, HDMI technology has become the new standard. I own a DSLR with mini-HDMI out and wondered if a USB can do the same A quick google provided this LINK This won't really apply to the pandora, at least not now. Mainly since it doesnt have h264 hardware accelaration and...
  6. Kangal

    Multi-Touch Screens

    I've heard that multi-touch enabled resistive screens are out/coming. I always thought resistive screens were better than capacitative screens in all aspects excpet multi-touch and accuracy. Both are Asus netbooks here is the T101MT and here is the T91 (jump to 19sec for demo). So What are the...
  7. Kangal

    Multi-Touch Screens

    delete me... hit space to firefox update while typing ... caused firefox to unrespond!
  8. Kangal

    The Last Appstore Thread

    Don't you hate when there is several threads for a topic? Purpose of this thread is to bring together all posted ideas for AppStore Names. Another thread, to stop other threads popping out? Doesn't that defeat its purpose? Don't be silly Billy. Some might call it dumb, but don't forget what Open...
  9. Kangal

    Officially: What Can We Expect?

    I just wanted to start a thread so developers can use to update their progress on their software. I know this wiki is really helpful but its not updated often enough. So the question is: What software will be available to use on the Pandora when its: + released (first 500)...
  10. Kangal

    Pandora Not Powerful Enough?

    Hi all, Just to begin I am not a dev and a newbie Pandora fan, so don't BURN me but inform me nicely ;) That being said I love the concept of Pandora!! But after some little research on forums and whatnot from actual devs, I was really disappointed It seems Pandora is not powerful enough...