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  1. Elanzer


    Oh jeeze, Ari64 doesn't have a Pandora yet? I'll toss in a bit for the premium pandora too, when the option is available.
  2. Elanzer

    Battery drain post Hotfix 5

    The solution is turning the Pandora off completely, the sleep mode has never worked very well for conserving battery, I've found it just doubles the battery life (10hours -> 20 hours), and should only be used when you're not going to use it for a couple hours at max. Then again I'm still a bit...
  3. Elanzer

    32GB SDHC card problems...

    Just got around to trying it with one of my Patriot LX Class 10 32GB SDHC cards, using the testing method cosurgi outlined on page 2 with ext2 formatting and e2fsck right after. It spammed pages and pages of numbers, which I assume are errors, then e2fsck said it had to fix them and modify the...
  4. Elanzer

    Maxconsole Article, Very Nice........

    Still don't understand people who thump the "buy a PSP" or "buy a 3DS". 3DS's most interesting flagship games are rehashes of old like OOT, and PSP last time I checked -still- can't manage flawless SNES emulation with no frame-skipping on certain games.
  5. Elanzer

    32GB SDHC card problems...

    I'm using a pair of 32gb Patriot Class 10 cards, I've yet to experience any FS corruption issues yet, but I'm also only using FAT32 for now. I'll see if I can get some time to test this out later. Also this question is slightly off-topic, but can't you set EXT4 to be journal-less? It should...
  6. Elanzer

    Nifty USB ethernet + USB Hub

    I was wondering about what that was for. Yes, this one has the jack for the optional external power. It doesn't come with the adapter though. It uses just a plain 5v DC adapter, infact it looks like you can use the Pandora's adapter itself for it. Pretty pointless to do that though..
  7. Elanzer

    MPlayer Parameters, WiFi Without Network Manager

    What sort of files are you trying to feed mplayer? 720p h264 and up generally won't work right now (too slow), xvid may work at 720p but I haven't tried it. Also, give Panplayer a shot, it's just mplayer with a GUI launcher.
  8. Elanzer

    Will the wifi chip be changed if there is ever a revision of the boards?

    N900's wifi is far better than the Pandora and doesn't have performance problems. Using my N900 I can max my connection (~600kb/s download), where as my Pandora only manages about 30kb/s. If the Pandora has the same wifi chip, then it has to be a problem with software and/or it's...
  9. Elanzer

    Nifty USB ethernet + USB Hub

    I just thought I'd share this awesome little unit I got off dealextreme that works perfectly with the Pandora: The ethernet chip inside of it is the "MosChip MCS7830" so it's supported...
  10. Elanzer

    Whats the highest end mame game youve been able too run.

    Your posts are hard to read.
  11. Elanzer

    What weren't you expecting?

    I wasn't expecting to want to use the full desktop browsers with nubs, instead I was expecting to use Fennec with the touchscreen.. but I haven't really used the touchscreen at all. Also the headphone jack sound output makes an audiophile like me really happy, I never expected that sort of...
  12. Elanzer

    How high are you willing to overclock/volt?

    I overclock to 1025mhz OPP5, doesn't seem completely stable at 1050mhz, eventually I will try around the middle and go up in gradual 5mhz increments every few days till I find the max, since I'm OCD like that. I have over a decade of experience of with overclocking everything I've owned balls...
  13. Elanzer

    Release qBittorrent

    Sweet, looks better than Transmission by far. Thanks for the port.
  14. Elanzer

    headphones/ earbuds

    I use Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones for my Pandora. They're full sized closed headphones. Price of them greatly depends on where you find them. I got mine new in box on ebay for ~$100 USD, but their popularity has apparently made the price spike up closer to $150 USD last time I checked...
  15. Elanzer

    Release Hotfix 5 released!

    I just did the PND upgrade from HF5 RC2 (mostly vanilla, hadn't touched the NAND much) and now the OS no longer boots. After attempting to boot it just sits at a black screen for awhile (~5min?), then dumps me to an Angstrom terminal login. Tried startx and it gave me an error about being unable...
  16. Elanzer

    Release Panplayer Beta 1

    Alright, got around to toying around with this, and I -think- I found a bug, and a conflict with the community codec pack. On a fresh install of HF5 RC2, it played all my files I tossed at it fine except 720p+ h264 (as expected). Those would open, but they would go far too slow (~5fps at...
  17. Elanzer

    Release Hotfix 5 - RC2. Last one before going final

    This has more to do with the fact that the pandora is using a full functional desktop OS while Android is a smartphone OS, which is designed around "freezing" applications to allow the CPU to turn off entirely, as much as possible. These ARM CPUs can be turned off entirely, idling at 0mhz, and a...
  18. Elanzer

    Release Hotfix 5 - RC2. Last one before going final

    Doesn't seem to be any issues I've run into so far, running 1050mhz on startup OPP5 and the CPU control scripts work well - now I can remove that CPU speed button off my desktop that I had to reach for every time I woke it from sleep so browsing with FF4 is bearable. Now just hoping for a...
  19. Elanzer

    Suggestions for MP3 player

    Gonna say Clip+ too. My Rockbox'd Sansa E280 was the best portable audio player I have ever used, but I destroyed the headphone jack on it over a couple years. I replaced it with a Cowon D2 after much praise of it's capabilities, and while it's audio quality and battery life is better, it's...
  20. Elanzer

    NEON accelerated mplayer ???

    Can you upload it somewhere?