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  1. luteijn

    GP2X Serial Cable & Sdl may also be of help P.
  2. luteijn

    GP2X Serial Cable & Sdl

    Maybe he wants to control some serially enabled device with the gp2x? e.g. cout<<"ATZ"<<endl; P.
  3. luteijn

    GP2X Is Anyone Developing In Linux?

    I use linux too (whenever I have some time for playing, which, looking at the dates here isn't that often recently). For what it's worth, I like to use vim to edit my stuff, but any editor that you're comfortable with is good... P.
  4. luteijn

    My Lua Libs Have Gone Nuts

    try a different order, or even just including all (3?) of them a couple of times... also maybe you accidentally delete a #include somewhere (e.g. lua open is #defined in lua.h ) luteijn@dollar:~/devel/gp2x/ttxalpha040306a-src/lua-source/lua-5.1/src$ grep lua_open *.h lua.h:#define lua_open()...
  5. luteijn

    GP2X File Structure

    I'd avoid trying to learn two new things at a time, as it usually doesn't give me synergy, but makes me do worse at both tasks. Also, I don't think OOP is worth it but that's another holy war ;). P.
  6. luteijn

    Generic Power Adapter?

    It's probably not regulated, making it drop the voltage (more or less) under load. Don't use it as is. Either build a regulator circuit or get a 'regulated' supply that has something equivalent to that build-in. This is a faq, although it can be hard to search for it if you don't know the...
  7. luteijn

    A Fresh New Toolchain+libs - Compiled On Demand!

    Well, most of my gp2x stuff is accessible over the internet under e.g. It's not a great connection, but if you're desperate enough... Still, if stuff doesn't compile for you, these might not be any...
  8. luteijn

    GP2X Networking Toolkit: Waste Of Time?

    I compiled some stuff that controls the terminal with *curses (screen, gdb) for the gp2x. I just included a few of the terminfo files with it to save space. It does work, but NOT using the gp2x's screen. Those things were meant to be used in combination with an external terminal. You could run...
  9. luteijn

    A Fresh New Toolchain+libs - Compiled On Demand!

    seems to work fine for me: luteijn@dollar:~$ cat /etc/issue Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 \n \l luteijn@dollar:~$ uname -a Linux dollar 2.4.27-3-686 #1 Wed Feb 8 12:40:33 UTC 2006 i686 GNU/Linux luteijn@dollar:~$
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    GP2X Development Tools

    I just installed konsole for a little test, and it looks like it supports kolor for plain vim just fine: P.
  11. luteijn

    Firmware 2.0.0 Updater

    maybe something in the vein of: "Copy everything to the card, properly shutdown the 2x, eject the card, boot up the 2x, when the menu comes up insert the card again, then run the gpe." P.
  12. luteijn

    GP2X Gp2xsdk And Allegro

    `foo bar` is a way to tell (most) unix shells to "run the program foo, with argument bar, then replace the whole back-quoted sequence with whatever the program foo wrote to its standard output. Since you use 'C:\', you might not using a unix(-like) shell, and it probably doesn't understand what...
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    GP2X Buttons X & Y Mappings P.
  14. luteijn

    GP2X Development Tools

    Almost the same as my IDE... Since it's vim (unless you've deliberately changed the titlebar), you might want to consider using ":syntax on" to make it colorize things according to the syntax. P.
  15. luteijn

    Code Help Needed

  16. luteijn

    GP2X What Is The Fastest Way To Develop And Test Apps?

    Usually it's "better" to print diagnostic messages to the standard error stream (with fprintf(stderr,"Oops: %s",error); for instance) instead of the standard output stream. You'll avoid nasty buffering pitfalls (usually you want diagnostic output right away, and 'result' output can be buffered...
  17. luteijn

    GP2X Does The New 2.0 Firmware Ease Dev At All?

    This was one of the main reasons I compiled screen for the gp2x, as it lets you do the same over a serial line. P.
  18. luteijn

    GP2X Odd Sd Behaviour

    Someone that's feeling non-unixy-people-friendly ought to just make a little script to run from the nand that will try to unmount the SD card, and check if it worked. If it worked, it could 'beep' (or display it's now safe to eject your SD card), and if it didn't work it could 'bop', or flash...
  19. luteijn

    My "this" Pointer Is Turning Null! ( C++ )

    Maybe linking with electric fence can help you find the issue? arm version available from here:
  20. luteijn

    GP2X Compileing Error Sdl

    what's the command you're using to compile and what is the exact error? did you clean the .o file(s) or are you trying to link windows' object code to arm libraries? P.