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    Best way to backup SD card

    Hi, what is the best way to backup my SD cards? The cards contain several partitions, some ext4 and some FAT32. Both cards are 128GB in size. The second card is partly neglect-able as the data on it is mostly data already backed up somewhere else (music...). It's the Pandora specific part...
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    USB to Ethernet adapter works but slooow

    Hi, I recently bought a USB to Ethernet adapter and it connects flawlessly to my Pandora. So I startet to download "The Babylon Project" from the repo (1,87 GiB) and the average speed kept constantly at 1,27 Mb/s. This seems very slow to me for an adapter which claims to be fast ethernet and...
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    Easy way to indentify where a pnd is going to in the menu

    Hi all, I usually "install" my pnds from PNDManager to the menu. When I quit the latter and want to try out new pnds I often have the problem to find the program in the menu (sometimes it requires a reboot for a program to appear). IIRC the exact submenu where a pnd appears is written in a...
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    Moving to a bigger SD card

    I just bought a bigger SD card. What is the best way to move the content of the previous card to the new one? Status quo: Two partitions, one FAT32, one Ext4. The Ext4 contains - the Pandora folder with all common subfolders - a privat folder - a folder with icons for warlock bar I...
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    Time since last charge?

    Hi everyone, is there a way I can find out when the Pandora was charged last? (Background: I think I am on the fourth day without charging and have 68% capacity left. So I go for a record ;) . But that means knowing _exactly_ how long one charge lasts.) A2000
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    Anyone attending 10. Retro-Börse?

    Is anyone attending 10. Retro-Börse in the Ruhrgebiet in Bochum ( I remember reading an article about the 9. Retro-Börse where the Pandora was mentioned. Usually the organizers can of this event present an interesting program apart from buying and selling retro goods...
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    File association, how?

    I can't find anything about file association in the boards or the wiki. I think I have seen one such article a while back. Maybe because it was named otherwise. What I mean is: How can I define which program starts if I open a file in thunar? I read something about mime and mailcap but there...
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    Port request: Rebol

    Now that Rebol ( will be Open Source soon, is somebody thinking about making a port for our device? I think it would fit nicely into the concepts of the Pandora. For your information: Rebol is a programming language with some unique concepts which is powerful but generates apps...
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    Using third party charger

    If someone can enlighten me before I burn down my house, please. I bought myself a psp charger comprising a wall charger, a car adapter and a cable usb<->psp. I also own a usb charger with two usb jackets which can deliver 1A each. If I use the cable of the psp charger (which can deliver 2A)...
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    Good Pinball games for Pandora

    There have been whole threads about porting some special or versatile Pinball software - and the impossibility to do so. Maybe not all users know that there are excellent Pinball games for different emulaters? I like Alien Crush and Devil Crush for PCEngine. I used to play Pinball...
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    What software do you use (almost) daily?

    Inspired by Craig's question in the "new website" thread which software is best to be shown to new users I'd like to ask which software do you use the most on your Pandora? And why? This should not be about rating sofware but to show examples what makes fun/makes sense/is useful to use for...
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    ext4: pnds won't start

    Inspired by the thread about advantages and disadvanteges of filesystems I decided to make the biggest partition on my new 32GB SD card ext4. Using GParted.pnd I created following partition scheme: unallocated 4 MiB; FAT32 2 GiB; ext4 27,19 GiB. Then I made the ext4-partition writeable with...
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    How to install ANY app on sd card?

    Hi all, I cannot install any app on my second sd card whether it is from Google Play or an apk. Even if it is installed in the rootfs and I try to move it to sd I get an error saying that installing to sd failed (used both inbuilt functionality and app named App 2 SD Free). SD card is fat32...