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    ScummVM Question?

    I have found an awesome patch that adds voicing to Monkey Island 1&2 but it requires a fan edition patch for it to work and I was wondering if anyone could some how get it to work with the Pandora. Here is a link to the project along with its source.
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    Adventure Game Studio?

    I was just wondering if anyone is working on a port of Adventure Game Studio because the source has been released and it should definitely run on the Pandora since it works on my PSP. Although can't run to big of a game on my PSP since I have a FAT plus it only supports the newer versions at the...
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    [SOLVED] Need help with Scummvm?

    I was playing Sam and Max when I noticed that the sound effects and speech quit working. The only thing I have done since the last time I saved my game was install warcraft which I seen to have the music you need Timidity installed so I went ahead and installed it to the NAND (the bigger...
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    Review on purcahse form Link's website.

    I purchased a case(Pelican 1040) and set of headphones(I-Ecko Ear Buds) from Link's store. First I would like to talk about the how nice a job the shipping was. I got it right before work and wanted to check it out real quick or might have taken some pics, anyways they came in a durable...
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    This would be a neat stlye of game to add to the Pandora.

    I recently tried out a game called Terraria and it's pretty neat, if anyone likes mine craft they'll love this, to me it seems to be a better game graphic wise and game-play. I say that because it's a little difficult when playing mine craft because of it being 3D and this being 2D makes it a...
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    Lugaru (beta) released

    Yet to try but getting ready to now. Just posting on here so more people know only seen it on Repo. Anyone who thought it wouldn't happen now gets to eat their hat. (guessing it's going to be a fruit hat) :D Edit: Here's the main discussion link.
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    New Game to add to Port Wish List.

    The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle. I'm not sure how many of you follow The Humble Bundles but they are pretty good game sets that are sold to us at our own price. I usually give them a fair price though 10 bucks a game (if I made more I'd probably double that). Anyways some of the games they sell in...
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    Time for an Updated Review.

    Well I've had my replacement unit for a week now and it is definitely better than my first, Although the only problem with the first was the second SD card slot not working. The Casing I would have to say is just how it looks in the pics. Meaning that it's strong and has a nice finish. All...
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    Have a few questions about some games?

    I have a list of games and was wondering if someone could let me know exactly what files are needed for them to work I have some working but I just copied over everything and would like to just try and keep my card clean of any files that aren't needed. Sorry if I'm troublesome to any of you but...
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    Need help with WiFi connection.

    I've been trying to connect my Pandora to the internet, but it keeps popping up "this connection needs a key" I put it in and then it pops back up. I know I've got everything set right on it because I compared it with my computer that's running Xubuntu and it has the same connection software on...
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    Finally got my Pandora!

    I received it this Monday and got to mess with it some Tuesday since I had to work forever on Monday. I played some games and tried a few apps too. I can say this for sure I really love it and was just really starting to use it when I went to pop in my second SD card to try it out and the card...
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    Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru Hd, And Penumbra Are Now Open Source!

    Now that they're all open source who's going to port them? :D For those of you who don't know what they are here's a link.
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    I Was Just Wondering If These Games Would Work With The Pandora?

    I was just wondering if these games would work with the Pandora? Underside Merry Gear Solid 1&2 Games Website Link. Also has anyone seen if we would be able to get Cave Story ported over since it's no longer open source. :(
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    Question About Ordering?

    I already got the form that tells what the prices are and I replied to the E-mail of what they asked for. So far it has been 1 day going on 2 and no reply back. But my question is are you to reply to the E-mail or forward it to them because I was reading it now and seen that it says this...
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    How Likely Will A Sega Saturn Emulator Be?

    I was wondering because I had just noticed that there is a yabause port to psp which it runs slow but it's a start. It also doesn't seem to be going anywhere else though because there hasn't been any updates from November 2008 ( So...
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    What System Do You Want Emulated First?

    There's two that i would love to see come out and that is PSX and N64, but with the psx for PC someone made an attachment that allows you to use cheats with the emulator i would also like to see that ported to the Pandora. NOTE THE DATE OF THIS THREAD IF YOU ARE READING FROM HERE ON.
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    Battery Power?

    what kind of a battery is used on this and how much time will it give? just an estimate will be OK though because i was just a little curios.