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    In Desperate Need of a RELIABLE Cell Phone

    I have had no luck with cell phones ever since my Samsung Impact T746 died. The phone was a bit on the slow side, didn't do much besides phone calls and texts but it was reliable, stable, and the battery lasted for 5+ days! It was also very robust, I used to rest 80lb boxes on my leg directly...
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    Bad Charging Circuit or Bad Batteries?

    I have had my 1Ghz Pandora for about a year now (maybe a bit less) and never had any major problems. I went to a family member's house in January and forgot my Pandora there. It sat for about three weeks. It had ~60% charge, but was left on standby (not full shutdown). I picked it up to find it...
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    USB Hubs

    Need to get a hold of a cheap, but reliable USB hub so I can use game controllers (x360, PS3). Is there any specific model/brand I should buy? What are the requirements for a hub to be compatible with the Pandora (besides USB2/1.1 compliance). Here is a cheap and small one on NewEgg. Was under...
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    Edit CPU Speed Presets?

    How do I change the CPU speed presets in the notification area? Example: Custom, 500Mhz, 800Mhz, 1000Mhz, 1100Mhz, 1200Mhz  
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    USB Mass Storage Speeds

    When using the SD USB Mass Storage feature, connecting the Pandora to a PC via USB cable, I noticed transfer speeds suffer. The speed seams to max-out at exactly 2.5MB/s. I just recently had to start using the Mass Storage feature. After reinstalled Windows my SD card reader sees my 64GB card...
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    Making Desktop Shortcuts (Launcher) That Disappear on SD Removal

    I know how to make a launcher pointing to something, but the launcher always stays there regardless whether the SD card is inserted or not. How do I make a launcher that shows when the SD is inserted and disappear when the SD is taken out? Just like a PND in /pandora/desktop or /pandora/apps...
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    Site/Repo Server Issues

    Over the past week or so I've noticed that has been unstable. Both and were down for over an hour 2 or 3 days ago. Now is giving me a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable, but the boards seam to be working. Is the...
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    Launch ELF with Desktop Shortcut

    Quick rundown: Trying to get Wolfenstein 3D to run using wolf4sdl but without Picklelauncher. I extracted the contents of the PND and put them in the /wolf4sdl/base/ appfolder along with all necessary game data. /media/Pandora/pandora/appdata/wolf4sdl/base/ The extracted "wolf3d" ELF file...
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    Mupen64Plus 2.0 Port Request [N64 Emulator]!'>Mupen64Plus v2.0 is here! Anyone with the knowledge willing to attempted a port? Sadly I lack such skills  :( {edit] On second thought I should have put this in port requests >_< sorry mods
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    Mario Bros. (Original) on SNES?

    I met up with a childhood friend of mine today and we started talking about video games from when we were kids. Our discussion pretty much revolved around the SNES and how it revolutionized (in our eyes as kids) video games as a whole. We were discussing how we use to hookup his SNES to his...
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    Screen Haze/Fogginess/Contrast Issue

    Hello, For some time know I have noticed the Pandora's screen isn't crystal clear. It always seamed to have a layer of film or something over it, taking away that crisp image quality LCD screens usually have. Maybe the contrast is too high internally, I'm not sure. So I basically got use to...