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  1. notaz

    Update PicoDrive 1.92

    No idea if anyone is still using this, but here is an update, almost exactly 4 years since the last one. The main reason for doing this update was because I wanted to run the new Cave Story MD port (really impressive, check it out!), but it had the sound completely broken. There was also a new...
  2. notaz

    Release SuperZaxxon v1.76

    Previous release has some known bugs, so I've simply fired a new build with what we have now. I've been meaning to do that since months ago, but it either was slipping away because of other things in life or I simply had no energy left to do anything after work. Changelog (since SZ 1.75)...
  3. notaz

    Beta Docker on pandora's default OS

    As a continuation of armhf stuff, I've added some missing armhf libs and enabled various kernel options needed by Docker and it seems to work for me. Installation warning: if things go wrong, you'll most likely have to reflash. First run "Upgrade Pandora OS" from the system menu to get the...
  4. notaz

    Update SuperZaxxon v1.75

    So it's a national holiday here today, and that gave some extra time to put out this release. This release is mostly about idle power saving (reduced battery usage when you close the lid or leave pandora doing nothing), which was released and discussed before, but now you get a flashable image...
  5. notaz

    Idle optimization

    As my pandora spends most of it's time idle waiting for me to do some occasional hacking (something becoming more and more rare), I've decided to do a few hacks on background processes to reduce their activity. The other rather obvious thing to reduce idle power usage was to dim the power LED...
  6. notaz

    Beta experimental hardfp (armhf) support for Super Zaxxon

    Intro So in the early days when we started with pandora, Cortex-A8 was state-of-art CPU and ARM9 (with no FPU) was still common, so gcc did not have armhf support. It did support the VFP instructions already, but still used the old ABI, so called softfp. The situation was similar when the first...
  7. notaz

    demonization of emulation

    I think this is my first thread ever in offtopic, but I found this worth posting just because of such a memorable screenshot used:
  8. notaz

    Update SuperZaxxon v1.74

    This is another maintenance/bugfix release. kernel: updated to 3.2.78 kernel: the vsync code has been rewritten: multiple programs can now wait for vsync, it now works correctly when LCD is off and TV-out is on kernel: added a new custom adaptive vsync ioctl kernel: added a new custom ioctl to...
  9. notaz

    Update new firmware update (future SZ v1.74) - please help testing

    kernel: updated to 3.2.78 kernel: the vsync code has been rewritten: multiple programs can now wait for vsync, it now works correctly when LCD is off and TV-out is on kernel: added a new custom adaptive vsync ioctl kernel: added a new custom ioctl to read the line counter kernel: changed the LCD...
  10. notaz main site broken

    Pandora's main site still asks not to panic, I guess the redirect needs an update.
  11. notaz

    SuperZaxxon v1.73 - maintenance release

    So we had a few useful fixes that were not yet released, so I thought I'd do another SuperZaxxon update. Release highlights: Support for larger than 2GB PNDs. Some u-boot (bootloader) fixes to improve SD card compatibility. Useful for future reflashes, running OS from SD or custom OSes. The...
  12. notaz

    SuperZaxxon v1.72 released

    OK so here is v1.72 final.   Main changes (see -rc thread for more background info):   Yet more wifi tweaks. This attempts to influence operation of closed firmware blob inside the wifi chip indirectly by switching power save mode differently (more info here and here). Even if vast majority of...
  13. notaz

    SuperZaxxon v1.72-RC

    As ED is selling his last ever pandoras again (from time to time), I thought it's a good time to make another SZ release with fixes that have piled up. So here come the changes: Yet more wifi tweaks. This was done earlier this year, so was already available and tested by many people with...
  14. notaz

    Release Jazz Jackrabbit 2

    Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a nice side-scrolling platform game. So I used static recompilation yet again. This game is around half the code size of StarCraft, but I could do it just a bit over of a week, my tools have advanced somewhat. This game has an extra challenge of using MMX instructions...
  15. notaz

    Release Diablo

    So it's the same story as before.   After finishing StarCraft I've been briefly looking what else could be recompiled without spending the whole eternity, but couldn't find anything that both I would care for and that wasn't huge. But what I've noted is that Diablo shares several .dll files with...
  16. notaz

    wifi driver + kernel updated - please test

    I've spent a week working on the wifi driver again trying to make it act much more like the original TI/Android driver that was used on HTC Dream - the first Android phone, which had the same wifi chip. I've changed my router some months back, and it looks like the wifi firmware didn't like it...
  17. notaz

    Release PCSX ReARMed r22 - now using the DSP

    Edit: latest release is r22, a bugfix release after r21 that added pandora's DSP support, r21 release notes here: r20 announcement: As it's 4 year anniversary since first release and more than a year since previous release...
  18. notaz

    full OMAP5 documentation

    I don't know if that's intended, but TI has put up full OMAP543x Technical Reference Manual on it's site, which includes full documentation for video decoder and everything: Of course SGX is still undocumented, I guess Imgtech doesn't give...
  19. notaz

    glib/GTK update tentative [Split from Pidgin thread]

    glib could probably be updated in OS, it shouldn't be as problematic as updating something like QT.
  20. notaz

    beefy kernel update

    If you run "upgrade pandora OS", you'll get a larger than usual kernel update. Ligachamp asked for some USB TV stick drivers, so I've built media_build.git, which gives many media drivers from ~3.16-3.17 kernel release. These now come together with our 3.2 kernel. There is a new driver for...