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    Release Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy

    I agree with you on that I'd always hoped for its source to be released.
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    Adventure Game Studio?

    Thanks for the port will have to try tomorrow. Been waiting a while. :)
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    NeoGeo X - A new NeoGeo Portable ( Dec 6 Release )

    If that is price they are asking for the Neo Geo X then why are people complaining about the price of the Pandor. :huh:
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    (N64 Emu) Mupen64plus 2.0

    I would have to say if you feel up to it go with option one. It sounds like it could increase the performance some. Plus I would like a new GUI something about like the one used in PCSX ReArmed. Allowing for save states and config saves for each game. But like I said it is up to you since you...
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    (N64 Emu) Mupen64plus 2.0

    I redownloaded it and got the same results as in my previous post.
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    (N64 Emu) Mupen64plus 2.0

    Did I get the right file because I have the same out data. Version 1.5-development /mnt/utmp/mupen64plus-r1/plugins/ undefined symbol: GetDllInfo Plugin '' is an invalid plugin [audio] can't open config: No such file or directory Config Dir...
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    (N64 Emu) Mupen64plus 2.0

    Ok it still doesn't show up in the menu and here's the data. Version 1.5-development /mnt/utmp/mupen64plus-r1/plugins/ undefined symbol: GetDllInfo Plugin '' is an invalid plugin [audio] can't open config: No such file or directory Config Dir...
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    port mupen 64 optimized

    The last time I messed with my PSP was when OOT was just starting to work. Which was a little over a year ago.
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    port mupen 64 optimized

    ^yeah OOT isn't the one I'm worried about it's getting Majora's Mask and Paper Mario to run better.
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    (N64 Emu) Mupen64plus 2.0

    Well it still doesn't show the new plugin but the old ones showed up this time. Here's my out file now. Version 1.5-development Couldn't load plugin '': /mnt/utmp/mupen64plus-r1/plugins/libvideorice_[audio] can't open config: No such file or directory...
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    (N64 Emu) Mupen64plus 2.0

    Ok I started it up seen no plugin but went ahead and tried to start Mario 64 which didn´t run. Anyway here´s what my out file said. Version win-devel Couldn't load plugin '': ./plugins/ undefined symbol: Android_JNI_UseRGBA8888...
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    Pandora outdated?

    And everybody thought Inspector Gadget was fiction! :lol:
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    Pandora outdated?

    Wasn't someone working on a wrapper for the Pandora or was it something else because I remeber someone asking for help with something to do with the Android OS. I agree with you though that a wrapper would be the way to go.
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    Pandora outdated?

    Even if we were able to run the android OS it doesn't necessarily mean that we would be able to run android apps on the Pandora does it? If it does mean that we could run android apps, up to what level would we be able to, and how would that effect our pnd's (would we still be able to run them)?
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    Release Bermuda Syndrome

    Thanks for porting this. A while back I thought of this game and started to add it to the port request and forgot the name. :mellow: But you ported it a-ny-way. :ph34r: Thanks again. :D
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    DOOM64 pc port should be ported to pandora

    Sounds very neat and I do hope someone looks into porting this. :D
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    Humble Introversion Bundle Source Available

    This reminds me has anyone started working on a port of Aquaria because I've managed to find where someone had ported it to the PSP, so it should run on the Pandora too right? :huh:
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    Lugaru (beta) released

    you need your hidden folders to be shown and I believe that it should then show up in your main user folder something like ".lugaru" open that and there should be a data folder in there.
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    Release VVVVVV for Pandora

    I actually managed to get that one after I found out how to correct the resolution (set scale to 1), but it still took me about 20-30 tries after correcting the resolution. Thanks for the great port Pickle. ;)
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    Release PCSX ReARMed release thread

    Are you talking about MediEvil 2 or the first MediEvil because the first one was playable for me from R6 just slow back then but it's definetly faster now. If it's the second one I'd like to see the video if it's the first I'm fine. Also is your version PAL or NTSC. Mine is NTSC. Thanks for the...