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    Replacement Casing for Rebirth

    It's just further proof the majority of this community doesn't understand the time/effort/cost involved with Tool & Die. The price of the case in contrast to the small production run, we were getting an insane deal. Sure, IDV could've been more communicative but I hold nothing against him. I...
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    Replacement Casing for Rebirth

    Unfortunately you'll have to either get one custom made, 3D print one, or salvage one from a parts unit. There was a guy trying to make an aluminium case a few years ago but people chased him away with their impatience and entitlement. I'm still salty about it (the impatient/rude people of this...
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    Release Xash3D - Half Life

    Any progress with this issue? :) Thanks, ptitSeb!
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    Release Xash3D - Half Life

    Looks like the newest updates don't play ANY of the in-game music. For example; when you first acquire the hazard suite, /vale/media/Half-Life12.mp3 is suppose to play. It works on build 14, not on build 15 or 16 (latest). The problem started on Build 15 - Nov 29, 2016 - 0.97.3224.15 Menu...
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    Release Xash3D - Half Life

    Been a long while since my last look here, awesome that Blue Shift is now fully supported! Last I messed around with this, BS was still giving issues. Thanks for the effort ptitSeb! On a sidenote, is there a way to re-enable the menu music? I have an older PND that will play the gamestartup.mp3...
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    Release Xash3D - Half Life

    Awesome port. Thank you, ptitSeb!   I was able to get console working but I cannot get any mods to load. The game crashes as soon as I hit "Activate" under the custom games menu. I am using the Steam version which I pre-played on PC until "Office Complex", the second level after the accident...
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    [Cancelled] Aluminium cases are NOT being made!

    Sad day, I was really looking forward to a replacement case, especially one made of solid aluminium! Thanks for trying.
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    Counter-Strike or similar for the Pyra?

    The GoldSrc engine on the Pyra would be phenomenal! Bit of a long shot, but deffinatly not impossible.
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    In Desperate Need of a RELIABLE Cell Phone

    I have had no luck with cell phones ever since my Samsung Impact T746 died. The phone was a bit on the slow side, didn't do much besides phone calls and texts but it was reliable, stable, and the battery lasted for 5+ days! It was also very robust, I used to rest 80lb boxes on my leg directly...
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    [Cancelled] Aluminium cases are NOT being made!

    I think its about time I said something: I have a computer background, but I come from a "manufacturing town". I'm no machinist, but I have spent a fair amount of time on various lathes and mills. Being around this environment, you get to know people and what type of people are running these...
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    Some GamesCom Retro-Area pictures

    Gamescom Gamescom Gamescom Gamescom Pictures Pictures Pictures Pictures Pyra Pyra Pyra Pyra
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    [Cancelled] Aluminium cases are NOT being made!

    Fantastic news! Can't wait to see the first units hot off the mill.
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    Aluminium Case - Pictures

    Just ordered a Jet Black aluminium case. I also included black shoulder buttons (since I currently have a silver case) and paid for the new case to be i installed by ED. I don't trust myself to do it  :P My understanding is that this includes the bottom shell casing and the lid, but not the...
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    Bad Charging Circuit or Bad Batteries?

    Is there a way to re-calibrate it? No, I will try this now. I'll leave it without a battery/power source for at least 24 hours.
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    Bad Charging Circuit or Bad Batteries?

    I have had my 1Ghz Pandora for about a year now (maybe a bit less) and never had any major problems. I went to a family member's house in January and forgot my Pandora there. It sat for about three weeks. It had ~60% charge, but was left on standby (not full shutdown). I picked it up to find it...
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    Release Starcraft

    Notaz is Alice Cooper Thanks Notaz!!!
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    How to calculate a price for the Pyra

    Great rundown. Thanks, ED!
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    Nintendo mini games rumoured for IOS and Android

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Nintendo should release some sort of cartridge adapter that would allow the play of older games on newer hardware. The device could either; have all sorts of software/hardware lockouts to deter people from piracy, or just be a simply ROM dumper. Either way...
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    Ever bought a system on the strength of one game alone..?

    Never bought a system with the intention of only ever buying that one game, but these are the games that had me NEEDING the system: GBC for Link's Awakening DX SNES for Donkey Kong Country N64 for Super Smash Bros. First PC I built with my own money: Counter-Strike PS2 for GTA: Vice City...