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  1. Elanzer

    Nifty USB ethernet + USB Hub

    I just thought I'd share this awesome little unit I got off dealextreme that works perfectly with the Pandora: The ethernet chip inside of it is the "MosChip MCS7830" so it's supported...
  2. Elanzer

    So I just got my pandora

    I'm surprised that there's nothing wrong with it. Absolutely nothing - no missing screws, no messed up shoulder buttons, no gritty buttons or anything. Even the stylus came out without too much effort. The unit is literally perfect, and I love it. I picked it up from the post office on my...
  3. Elanzer

    Has anyone used USB audio yet?

    Just wondering if anyone has used the Pandora's USB port for USB audio yet, to hook it up to DACs/stereo systems and/or USB headsets. If so, does USB automatically take over and release when used, or is some fiddling required to swap it back and forth?
  4. Elanzer

    "Gamebox" console

    Saw this on the new arrivals section of dealextreme. Anyone heard anything about this "Gamebox"? If it'll really emulate those MAME platforms, SNES, and play 720p xvid/h264 video files this seems like a killer for $53. Tempted to get one of...
  5. Elanzer

    N900 Flash Plugin

    Here is the flash plugin from my Nokia N900 in any slight possibility that this plugin will work on the Pandora. Normally, it's stored on the N900 in /usr/lib/browser/plugins/, and with Fennec / Mobile Firefox you can try putting it into...
  6. Elanzer

    Nokia N900 Cpu Overclocked To 1Ghz

    Someone in the Maemo community managed to overclock his N900 to 1ghz, which uses the same Cortex-A8 600mhz CPU the Pandora does. Should be some nice news for us future Pandora owners who are interested in overclocking/modding the device...
  7. Elanzer

    Pandora's Performance With Webcams

    Would the Pandora have enough hardware power to record from a webcam at 640x480 30fps, with audio? One of the things I want to do with my Pandora is use it as a video recording device while I'm riding my motorcycle, basically putting the pandora in my motorcycle tankbag while wiring a camera up...
  8. Elanzer

    Sgx Overclockable?

    Now we all know the ARM CPU is overclockable, but I remember in some news posts that the SGX was clocked at 55mhz, and then 110mhz for some tests. I assume 110mhz is the stock GPU clock, but is it overclockable like the CPU is?
  9. Elanzer

    Question About Order Shipping

    This is something I haven't seen on the forums yet, but what is the shipping route plan for Pandora units for each respective area? Assuming they are all being assembled and tested in one area (Europe?), will they first be shipped to a designated Pandora distributor in mass (ie: north american...