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  1. notaz

    Release SuperZaxxon v1.76

    Right, there is no chance I can put an extra fulltime job's worth of time (like it was in the old days) for reworking the whole OS. Only things that don't consume tons of time can be done (unless somebody wants to provide patches). So far the only feasible things I saw are: mount.ntfs symlink...
  2. notaz

    Release SuperZaxxon v1.76

    As there were quite some updates after 1.76 release and because future updates are unlikely (3.2 kernel went EOL a year ago), I'm thinking about packaging everything we have now to a likely-final SZ 1.77 release. If anyone has any wishes or not-yet-included fixes to share it's a good time to...
  3. notaz

    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    Doesn't look like it will help:
  4. notaz

    USB webcam issue

    Also check the dmesg output.
  5. notaz

    Playstation Classic - Inc 20 games

    I don't have anything to say except that I'm not involved in any way. Open source software is used everywhere nowadays, it's nothing to write home about.
  6. notaz

    Release OpenLara

    I much prefer the ES1 version for it's smoothness. Might be good to have an easier switch, but I'm ok with editing .es file too. There is sometimes a crash in MeshBuilder::renderModel() when returning to main menu from the game, or when completing a level. gdb doesn't give an usable backtrace...
  7. notaz

    Release OpenLara

    Thanks for the release, and still being around in the pandora land. Early TR series are not the best games today, but the nostalgic value is significant to me. OpenLara runs quite well for me, but there are issues: - the FMVs are stuttering while CPU usage is ~25%. Seems like instead of a...
  8. notaz

    Tests, tests, and more tests.

    It was actually us, after the first 4GB boards were made and had problems, setting that bit had positive effects. I don't remember who came up with setting that bit back then, zmatt maybe.
  9. notaz

    Tests, tests, and more tests.

    With that patch my pyra has clocked over 3h (and counting), something I could ever reach only with memtest before. I'll see if it survives overnight. I remember @zmatt saying DDR_DISABLE_DLL is not supposed to be ever set. I wonder what the repercussions are because nobody else seem to set it.
  10. notaz

    Using the pandora as an wifi-repeater?

    The internal wifi doesn't support master mode. As for brctl, I've just built bridge-utils package, try installing it with opkg.
  11. notaz

    Pandora charging issues

    The default charger draw setting is ~1.2A for the charging port and ~530mA for USB, both can be changed through sysfs. The chip supports up to 1.7A IIRC, but with that it heats quite a lot.
  12. notaz

    SuperZaxxon incremental update changelog

    Not really, I guess the OE recipe wasn't fully completed.
  13. notaz

    Can I remove or disable the switch lock?

    Try commenting out the line with "hold" in /etc/pandora/conf/eventmap and rebooting.
  14. notaz

    Getting closer...

    Sure. Do you also get like just a handful of hours of sunshine over almost the entire autumn/winter season where you live? Don't forget the code on old consoles runs directly on hardware, often with fixed timing, while a modern OS thread can be be scheduled away anytime because OS decides it...
  15. notaz

    Getting closer...

    Well even my board sees a lot of networks and can associate with them, but is unable to transfer any data mysteriously, so at this point it's much more important to test the speeds and connection stability on various routers. Ugh that's going back to pandora's level of single thread...
  16. notaz

    Running GOODTOOLS (ROM manager) from Debian

    Hmm if you are on windows, why do you use Linux vm to run a windows exe? I would guess it's some permission issue. Does the 'SNESRen\BadDumps' directory get created? Can you move files in that directory manually? You can also use wine's debug feature, but that will give tons of output...
  17. notaz

    Possible fault with Pandora 1GHZ. please help

    Maybe the battery discharged too much if it was on while traveling. Try to leave it plugged for at least a few hours - if the battery voltage is very low it will not turn on, but the charger will be in a special mode called pre-charge where it's slowly charging without showing any signs of life...
  18. notaz


    I'd say these are the worst vulnerabilities ever, Spectre is a whole new class and pretty much unfixable in software (you can patch some specific cases it may target, but the attack surface is so large that's it's unfeasible to patch everything IMO). It can only be fully fixed with new hardware...
  19. notaz

    dirtyc0w - explotitable on Pandora

    Yes but that won't give it anything. The whole point of DirtyCOW is to overwrite memory of a different privileged process, and because no privileged process is using huge pages on pandora ('madvise' configuration instead of 'always', when nobody I'm aware of calls madvice(HUGE...)), there is no...
  20. notaz

    Release Jazz Jackrabbit 2

    Well I guess they changed the formats in 1.24, which means the exe needs to be recompiled from scratch. Unfortunately this method requires way too much manual labor (and time as a result) so it's real hard to find the motivation for another such project.