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    I hope Pyra will be able to give an excellent Sega Saturn emulation

    I am sorry guys if this is a very old news But this guy managed to crack the source code for Sega Saturn I hope the Yabause developer can contact this guy and create an excellent sega saturn emulator for it and in turn the next Yabause will be ported to Pyra to create a wonderful playing...
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    Merciless life in Japan

    Hi Bro Ekianjo Is your life in Japan as merciless as this article?
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    German Working Culture

    Hi, Guys. Especially from Germany Is it true that your working culture like this? It would be nice, if I had some feedbacks
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    Buying OpenPandora Box from Bro Ekianjo

    Just bought OpenPandora box from bro Ekianjo in Japan It arrived in Malaysia with no problem at all. I'm really stunned by the artwork, truly amazed Bro Ekianjo and TraylorPark really nailed it. I really hope I can buy Pyra from you too, bro. USA and Germany are much too expensive in shipping...