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    Homebrew Home Console

    I've been seeing homebrew handheld consoles take off but what about a homebrew home console? I have a wii with homebrew channel installed and its cool but I think a dedicated console would be better. Does anyone else agree? I've seen stuff like uzebox but I'd rather see something with more...
  2. J

    Smartq V5

    I'm talking about the device here which should be mostly the same thing as the recently released v7 and be a bit better for video and such than the q5 or q7. I'm still pretty happy with the gp2x f200 as a portable gaming device and haven't gotten excited about any other devices out there. So...
  3. J

    Wiz Ram Size

    I noticed the ram size is 64mb. Isnt that what the gp2x has? I would think that the wiz would benefit from more ram like at least 128. would it be that much more expensive if the wiz had more ram?
  4. J

    "even Though You Are Not A Skilled Player"

    how did gph know I'm not a skilled player?
  5. J

    Downgrading F200 To 4.0.0

    well just to see what it would do I "upgraded" to 4.1.1 and after seeing the small improvements in the built in apps and after seeing broken autorun I tried to go back to 4.0.0 but it doesn't seem like it fully went back. It can start in gmenu2x but after I quit a program it goes to the default...
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    Public Domain Rom Site Update

    Just thought I'd mention I did a rare update of my homebrew/ public domain roms site. I really like the atari 2600 homebrew as there's still quite a community around that at I tried to put only the most fun games in my packs. Of course all credit goes to the actual authors of...
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    Strange Adventures In Infinite Space

    I didn't realize this until now but one of my favorite indie games did have its source released. The game is a space game that plays out in under 15 minutes but has a lot of variety and random occurrences. There is a sequel out called Weird Worlds that is closed source and has better graphics...
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    Gmenu2x Icons, Wallpapers, And Other Custom Gp2x Stuff

    I noticed in the gshot thread some cool custom icons, gmenu2x backgrounds, and even some backgrounds for some emulators. I think some of the emu backgrounds were shared separately. I thought it would be nice to have a current thread with all the best custom gp2x content. And after we get...
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    Micro Machines On Picodrive

    I can't seem to get these games to work on picodrive. they crash after the title screen. I'm specifically talking about micro machines 2 turbo tournament, turbo tournament 96, and micro machines military. sorry if this has been addressed before but I couldn't find anything about it...
  10. J

    Japanese Gp2x Game platformer/puzzle game where you can rotate the level by going against a wall and pressing x. pretty cool game. always nice to find a new game not mentioned elsewhere.
  11. J

    What Do You Use Your Emulators For?

    Do you only play the classics you loved in the past? Try to play games said to be classic that you missed out on? Try to find the best obscure games you couldn't have ever hoped to actually own. Play "new to you" old school games. hacked versions of your favorite games? some super mario world...
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    Firmwre 4.1 For F200 reported a release of a TEST version of firmware 4.1 for the f200. link here where you have to be registered. Also put it up on my googlepages space here maybe someone can give a decent translation of what it does off of gp32spain
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    Light Gun Emu Support

    any chance support can be added for light guns for NES, super nintendo, and genesis with the f200 touchscreen used for the gun?
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    could someone make some small adjustments so it works better on an f200. some stuff used stick click and diagonals don't work on an f200. I think someone messed with the code before to add some commands that were missing. probably should add that too. I'm usually not into pc roguelikes or...
  15. J

    Full Touchscreen Art Program

    There already is gp2xpaint which works with the controller and is a pretty well made program but has no touchscreen support. there is graffiti with touchscreen support but I had trouble using and saving and isn't very full featured. I would like to see a program similar to gp2xpaint with...
  16. J

    Is It Comfortable?

    from the renders the pandora looks cool and sounds like it will be powerful but I can't help but think that it doesn't look comfortable for gaming. with the pads in front of the keyboard. probably seems like a trivial thing but even being incredibly powerful it won't be much fun to play if its...
  17. J

    Gpfce Problem With Punch Out

    whenever i try to play mike tyson's punch out or punch out for nes i get messed up colors and thing moving really slow. anyone else experience this? I'm using the latest version of the emulator.
  18. J

    Alert Shmup

    the2bears blog posted here about a game called alert for gp2x. its still early and far too easy but seems like it could be cool. its a boss rush shooter like Rrootage or warning forever. direct link to site is here
  19. J

    What The Gp2x Has That Other Systems Don't

    since lately I've been hearing emulation on psp is as good or better than gp2x in almost all cases I've been thinking what makes the gp2x unique and still worth having over a psp. heres a couple feel free to add more: 1) great community sites. both this site and the spanish site...
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    F200 Incompatibilities

    I wanted to start this thread to bring to attention every current f200 incompatibility and to see if we could get some of them fixed. sorry if this has been done before ones i noticed: 1) stella doesn't start 2) drill2x doesn't start 3) nethack needs replacement for stick click