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    Quick summary of the last week (2011 - 02 - 01)

    Hello, I just found Pandora's website two days ago (it was recommended to me by a friend when I was complaining of Nintendo and it's Nintendo 3DS) and I have some questions to you. I hope that that's not the wrong place to ask them. Maybe I misunderstood some information (I am an austrian...
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    Resistive Touch Screen Game Changer For Panora?

    Yeah, I posted this in the other Touchscreen topic, BTW here's another vid: CODE Really great! It also explains a bit how it works.
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    Touchscreen? What For?

    I don't think it'll run on the Pandora, they said that allthough it's mainly software based, it won't work on already existing resistive screens, they do already have these babies licensed to multiple manufacterers and are already in production. BTW, it's a 4.3' screen running on OMAP3something...
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    Touchscreen? What For?

    Not really related, but: Insane Multi-Touch demo + super precision + a hell of a lot more ON A RESISTIVE SCREEN! CODE No, this isn't that fake "guess where the fingers are" based around where the...
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    Recommend One Game For Everyone Else To Play On Their Pandora

    I'm just gonna go ahead and recommend two: Warzone 2100, awesome RTS, PC and PSX: Map editor! And, the best skating game ever, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2! (PC, PSX, N64, Xbox) BTW, this one also had a map editor (on PC at least).
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    Console Wars

    I don't think it'll work, since the Pandora is unique because it's an open source handheld with not only specialised game controls but also a keyboard. If a console would be released with the same functions it'd basically be a PC with a controller and a keyboard running Linux/Windows...
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    Seriously, why care? Just remap them software-wise, and put stickers on them/replace the buttons if you really feel you need to...
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    How Long Before The Pandora Becomes "nothing Special"?

    As soon as Smartphones and MIDs with Nvidia Tegra (Link) and ARM Mali (Link) GPUs are launched the Pandora will have some real competition, Netbooks are in a whole different league, they're a lot bigger.
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    Merry Christmas -- Warcraft 2 Dos On Pandora!

    Now all we need is Starcraft and you'll notice a sudden increase in sales coming from a certain country in East-Asia...
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    What Dimensions Do You Think The "retail" Package Will Be

    The Pandora box will not simply be 3D, it will have 10 dimensions just like Chuck Norris, you'll also need Chuck Norris to open it.
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    Rts Games On Pandora

    Since it'll be able to emulate PS1, it'll be able to emulate Warzone 2100! That's good enough for me! But yeah, it has to get touch screen enabled.
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    Help! Pandora Radio

    :o :lol: Are you sure the device you're using looks like this: :pandora1: ?
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    Could you use two equal SD(HC) cards in both the slots in some sort of Dual-Channel set-up? It would be nice as that would theoratically mean twice the speed! Which is a good thing. ;) Or is this just impossible...?
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    What's The First Thing You'll Do With Your Pandora?

    I'll install a PSX emulator and then I'll install Warzone 2100. Then I'll start trying to improve things! :P
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    Final Pre-production Case

    No! I see a red door and I want it painted black! Black to Red is not the correct order! Sorry, bad joke... :P
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    Your Most Wanted Emulated Game On Pandora? (aka Friday Night Insomnia.

    Ah, good idea, I've never played THPS3 but I did play THPS2 for PC every spare minute when I got it.
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    So How Many Gigs Of Memory You Geting?

    As much as I'll need. :P No, I'll probably end up with two 8GB cards...
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    Your Most Wanted Emulated Game On Pandora? (aka Friday Night Insomnia.

    Warzone 2100 Mariokart N64 Starcraft N64 CnC CnC RA Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Castlevania: Chronicles Metal Slug Tekken 2 Warhawk As much Metroid games as I can get Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening DX (Best Zelda game out there) (Yes, I realise most of those are PSOne games...)